10+ amazing DIY bunk bed ideas with plans

Bunk beds are very functional furniture. Not only does it look great and kids love it, but it also saves space. Whether you have two children or want to make a bunk bed for a guest room, there are many beautiful plans available. And today I want to share 10+ with you amazing diy bunk bed ideasMany have plans.

This is a project I did for my kids a few years ago. We've already moved out of our old house and the kids now have separate rooms, but my kids loved the bunk beds! I remember all the parties they had before bed. And since it's so spacious, sleepovers were never a problem.

This bed is very easy to make and when I came up with a design I wanted it to look modern so I think I've archived it.

Find the full tutorial on my blog or watch a video with instructions on how to build Here. printable plans are also available in my shop.

If you're making these DIY bunk beds with plans for kids, why not go the extra mile and build a beautiful home? I'm sure the kids will appreciate your effort and spend a lot of time in that bed, not just sleeping but also playing and having fun!

find one Tutorial on plans at HerToolBelt

Source: Tool Belt

Amy also has another great plan for twin bed bunk beds. It's the perfect solution if you already have a twin and full mattress and want to use it on items you already have. It looks nice and doesn't take up much space like separate beds would.

Find a tutorial and plan at: HerToolBelt

This twin bunk over bed with stairs is the perfect solution for smaller spaces. It has a fun window and has enough coverage that is perfect for younger children. Thanks to the sturdy stairs added to it, you can be sure that your little children will not fall and can easily reach the upper floor.

Victor has too available step by step plans If you want to make this bunk bed.

Source: DIY Plan


Jamison from Rogue Engineer It has a bunk bed plan made of 2x4s. This simple design minimizes costs and with extremely easy instructions you can build this bunk bed in no time. It is surprising to see his designs used to make bunk beds for children in need of the Emanuel House.

Source: Rogue Engineer

The great thing about these bunk beds is that they are built in sections, which makes it very easy to get in and out of the room. This is a huge plus, especially if you're planning to move soon. It also uses minimal materials, making it a very cost-effective structure. Ana also has a step-by-step planand having used his plans before, I can safely say that they are easy to follow, making it a great starter project.

Source: Anna White

If you love the look of built-in bunk beds, this would be a great addition to your child's room. It has shelves, lights, and a small table on the side, and overall it looks like a great design! Look at that color! Unbelievable. Brook and Henry also offers a plan on how to build an identical twin over a fully built-in bunk bed.

Source: Board and Pillow

Hana from Hana's happy home made this exciting IKEA hack and turned her simple IKEA bunk bed into a built-in, beautiful-looking bunk bed. Add a touch of color and fun stairs, and you'll never guess it wasn't custom-made.

Okay, Hana technically doesn't have a plan, but There are detailed instructions about how to archive this view.

Source: Hanas' happy home

If you have a guest room that will allow you to create two(!!!) side-by-side built-in bunk beds, by all means do it! It saves a lot of space and your guests will enjoy having a sleepover at your home.

Holly and Brad have Instagram videos on how to create this amazing setup.

Source: Our Fake Farmhouse

Brook doesn't have a printout plan, but I couldn't resist adding photos for inspiration. The blog has step by step instructions with photos on how to do the same.

I love the lights and the shelf on the bottom bunk!

I love how Chris and Julia used the space on the sides and added shelves and a ladder. This twin over bunk bed looks very comfortable and functional. Additionally, sturdy stairs will ensure the safety of the little monkey sleeping on the top of the bunk bed.

Source: Chris loves Julia.

Don't have time to DIY? Look at these bunk beds.