10 Beautiful DIY Montessori Floor Home Beds Your Kid Will Love {FREE Plans}

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The floor DIY house bed is a great transition from a crib to a big kid bed. It is also incredibly beautiful. There are many of these beds on the market, but as beautiful as they are, they are also a budget buster. In this article I have collected free DIY plans for Montessori floor home bed. I hope you find a manageable plan and do it yourself. It's an incredibly rewarding project.

I also want to show you some inspiration to decorate this cute bed.

Pastel toddler room

This bed was with us for a wonderful two years. My kids love this! Image: IfOnlyApril

I made this floor bed full size a few years ago. I wrote the process here. You can also find plans for a Montessori home bed. full size here.

DIY bed, DIY Montessori bed.  diy home bed plans

This is a bed I recently made in twin size for a client. I wrote a detailed tutorial with plans here. Moreover Watch on YouTube. You can take printable double size diy house bed plans here.

dii montessori floor bed

If you like floor beds, you can also take a look at this double rail floor bed I made recently. buy one Printable plan to make a construction easier.

DIY floor bed, DIY home bed plans

double floor home bed

Photo by Oh Happy Play

Noelle shows how she made a double Montessori floor bed and free plan on blog Oh Happy Play.

Toddler house bed from Jen Woodhouse

Image: Jen Woodhouse

Jen I made this awesome DIY toddler house bed. This is not a Montessori style; It's a regular bed, so it's not on the floor, but it still looks great and has free plans to download.

I liked the design as it uses metal brackets to secure it. In this way, the bed becomes more solid and can be easily dismantled when necessary. I'll make a mental note of this in the future if I decide to make another one ;D

home frame bed

Picture of Each Tool Belt

from Amy “His tool belt” I made a full size house bed that is slightly raised off the floor and has rails, but it can easily be modified to fit your needs. He also shares a detailed plan for making this bed on his blog.

Crib size home bed

DIY bed, DIY home bed plans

Image: Leggins'n'Lattes

from Amber Leggings 'N' Lattes made crib size bed They didn't want to buy a bigger bed yet because their daughter was out of the crib. I think it looks incredible!

It explains the process and necessary cuts needed to make this bed.

DIY child's home bed

do it yourself floor bed

Image: Woodshop Diaries

I recently encountered Woodshop Diaries, and I love what Shara is doing. She recently made this perfect house bed for a friend and I think it's really cool!

plans from Etsy

There are several plans for making this bed, which you can buy on Etsy for a symbolic sum.

do it yourself floor bed
It's a full size but they also have plans for a twin size. bed.

Picture: MatyaDesigns

This bed looks great. They offer a detailed plan to build it yourself. There are significant differences and different sizes, so it's worth considering if you decide to make it yourself.

If you choose to buy

If you prefer to buy rather than make your own, there are many beautiful floor mattresses available.

Montessori bedding store The pieces include Montessori beds with a lifetime warranty. And it looks great.

Montessori bed

I love this Pottery Barn boy Camden house bed. It looks simply amazing! WestElm also has a house floor bed On sale in full size!

Check out Overstock and the Frannibrook house bed frame. more affordable option!

Even Amazon has a few. I'm not sure how they sent it but this gorgeous double house bedfor example, it has a 5-star review.

ETSY has a variety of home floor beds in different sizes and shapes.

I love this cute bedAlso available in all sizes.

If you don't have time to make your own bed, there are a few other beds you can buy!

Decoration of the floor home bed


Decorating this bed is so much fun! Let me show you some of my favorites.

diy home bed plans

The minimalist style appeals to me, so I used white lace covering the entire bed. I found this lace on AliExpress and although I didn't like it much at first, I liked it and now I love it!

Since the theme of the room is cloud, I added handmade felt clouds to the string.

It was a simple project that could be done in an hour while watching TV. Cut the felt like a cloud, sew it, leave a small hole and fill it with toy stuffing.

If you prefer to buy, there are many Options on Etsy.

Image: Rainbowsmileshop

Image: SofiaAndRoo

I love it when felt wreath It is used in this bed. It adds a bit of a sense of lightness when you see it.

Image: aclementina



If you ask me, it's the canopy that really makes it for me! It adds a lot of flair and gives the child a feeling of security and sinking into the bed.

As I mentioned before, I got mine from AliExpress, but there are so many amazing canopies on the market!

West Elm has a very affordable price canopy in white and beautiful mustard color. It would be perfect for a twin-decker house bed.

Definitely my favorite From Number 74! It's made from 100% linen and looks amazing!

And here is more affordable but still A great one from Amazon!

There are so many options for decorating!!!

Some options from Etsy:

Photo by BabynestShop

Image: MoiMili


If you're looking for more fun ideas for kids, you might want to see how I did it. Waldorf-inspired Wooden Building blocks

Or this LEGO table that's actually an Ikea hack (watch me do it here on YouTube)

how to A wooden baby gym for $10 (or watch me come here)

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follow me on instagram @ifonlyapril. I try to post stories about my progress on all projects. And don't forget to check My YouTube Channel for more DIY projects!

I hope you enjoyed this blog with free plans for diy floor house bed plans. Happy making! Are you planning to do it yourself, ask your loved one, or buy it? ;D

xoxo, April

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