10 best beard trimmers for men

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That's it, you've decided to switch to electric shaving. Right now you're probably looking for the perfect model that fits your needs and lifestyle. When faced with huge offers on the internet, choosing the wrong model is child's play. Very often we are faced with an inappropriate and low-quality product. Therefore, we recommend that you do not invest in a cheap model available in supermarkets. Since you will be using your trimmer daily for many years, we recommend that you choose a professional model that is reliable and powerful, suitable for the type of shave you want to achieve. To help you make your choice, we have listed some of the best beard trimmers based on their uses.


Moser primate fade print

Moser Primat “Fading Edition” is a professional beard and hair clipper designed to achieve very short fades. We are on a wired product equipped with a 3 meter cable. That's enough. Precise, powerful and quiet, this famous model allows you to cut mass regardless of hair and beard type. The cutting height ranges from 0.5 mm to 2 mm and adjustment to 0 is possible. The width of the solid stainless steel head is 46 mm. German made.

Price: €93.90 at Razage Classique.

Haircut th-35

This is the reference cordless model from Haircut. Its lithium-ion battery allows it to last 2 hours after 70 minutes of charging. The 45 mm wide cutting head is made of 440C Japanese steel. Thanks to its latest generation engine and special cutting angle, TH-35 easily penetrates all beards and hair without disturbing vibrations. Cutting height is from 0.3mm to 3.3mm. A charging base is provided.

Price: €99.90 at Razage Classique.

haircut th35

election myth

If you are looking for a professional 2-in-1 trimmer that can create layers and trim the thickest beards and hair, the Walh Legend is designed for you. Although this model is wired, it provides great freedom of movement thanks to its 4-meter cable. Another positive point is that it has a wide cutting height range for maximum flexibility: 0.5 mm to 2.9 mm with a setting of 0. Cutting width is standard, 40 mm. The mower's engine gives you power, durability and efficiency. Made in Hungary.

Price: €118.80 at Razage Classique.

election legend tondeuse

Andis wireless uspro li

Andis, America's second leading brand, offers here its cordless lawn mower with 2 hours of battery life after 1.5 hours of charging. This Li model weighs only 280 grams and is 25% lighter than the standard model. The ergonomics of the lawnmower have been redesigned for optimum use. Cutting height is 0.5mm to 2.4mm and cutting width is 45mm. This strong and durable model is suitable for beard and hair. Made in USA.

Price: €129.90 at Razage Classique.

andis wireless uspro li

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finishing machines

Philips bt3222/14

You won't find anything cheaper than this cordless Philips Series 3000 with 1 hour of battery life for a 1 hour charge. Rounded titanium blades are self-sharpening and designed to limit irritation. Thanks to the central dial, you can choose different cutting heights between 0.5 and 10 mm. The cutting head is removed to rinse under water. We recommend this model only for beards.

Price: €25 on Amazon.

philips series 3000 lawn mower

Philips bt5515/15

For slightly less than twice as much, you can step up to this more complete model of the 5000 Series. First of all, the lithium-ion battery allows you to have 90 minutes of autonomy for 1 hour of charging. Then, thanks to the supplied shoes and the additional cutting head, you have a cutting height range from 04mm to 10mm and 10mm to 20mm. The positive point is that you can rinse the cutting head directly without unscrewing it. The use of beard is primarily recommended.

Price: €44 on Amazon.

philips series 5000 lawn mower

Haircut th5510

Lightweight, quiet and affordable, the Haircut TH55 lets you enter the world of professional precision hair clippers. The Japanese steel cutting head is 40mm and the cutting height is fixed at 04mm and can be manually adjusted to 0. You can use it for hair, beard or body. In terms of autonomy, the battery lasts 4 hours after 2 hours of charging. Nice score.

Price: €79.90 at Razage Classique.

haircut th5510

Wahl classic details

It is the symbolic model dedicated to hair and beard coverings. The chrome cutting head has a cutting width of 32mm. The cutting height is fixed at 0.4 mm. The powerful and reliable motor is driven by a 2.4 meter cable. Made in Hungary.

Price: €108.60 at Razage Classique.

Selection of classic details

haircut goal

Designed in France, the Haircut Target is a high-precision trimmer equipped with a Made in Japan T-shaped cutting head, ideal for tracking and shaping your beard and hair. For a fixed cutting height of 0.3 mm, the cutting width is 40 mm and it is possible to set it to 0. In terms of performance, you can count on the powerful Japanese dual-magnet motor and Pro lithium-ion battery that can last for 2 hours with a 70-minute charge.

Price: €109.90 at Razage Classique.

haircut target trimmer

Ultra-precision lawn mowers

election final

Designed by this model to get the job done and achieve an ultra-short finish at the nape of the neck, chin angle and even the skull. Wahl is the best on the market. Cutting height is 0.1 mm. The blades and grill are coated with hypoallergenic gold foil to prevent irritation. In terms of autonomy, the lithium-ion battery lasts 80 minutes after 2 hours of charging. Made in Hungary.

Price: €136.80 at Razage Classique
Price: €139 on Amazon

election final tondeuse

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