10 Best Closed Comb Safety Razors

The shaver is a great alternative to the pass traditional shaving. It is both economical and easy to use, I have been using this type of shaver for 4 years without any problems (not even the slightest cut!!). I can even say that my skin is softer than before. πŸ™‚

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I recommend reading my article on traditional shaving (an article) to be widely read in VGL to understand) How to change shaving methodto save money and shave really well.

Some of the comments of readers who use traditional shaving are as follows:

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For those who know this type of razor, I have selected 10 closed comb safety razors suitable for daily use. This will last you a lifetime !

1 – Mercury – 23C

merkur 23 c hard comb razor

Excellent grip with a long handle and a fairly heavy shaver. No need to press. Perfect for daily use. I have been using the open comb version for 4 years.

Price: €33.90 at Razage Classique

Also available in black: €59.95 at Razage Classique

razor 23c black merkur

2 – Edwin Jagger – De89bl

de89bl edwin jagger

The sweetest of the forum. An excellent shaver with a fairly long handle and reasonable weight.

Price: €27.50 at Razage Classique

3 – Parker – 99R

Parker 99R razor

Well-known brand. Heavy Razor. The butterfly head provides easy access to the blade (just rotate to open and change the blade).

Price: €29.90 at Razage Classique

4 – Mill – R89

muhle r89 razor close comb

First of all, it is a very beautiful object. It has a handle and is of medium weight. It is recommended to everyone.
Price: €34.95 at Razage Classique | View supported version

Also available in a β€œrose gold” finish.
Price: €38.95 at Razage Classique

5 – Mercury – 38C

Mercury 2311

Heavy duty razor with long handle. Force big boy He will do the job alone.

Price: €52.95 at Razage Classique | Black version. Price: €57.95

6 – Masamune – Tatara


A magnificent piece made of 100% stainless steel that deserves a place in your bathroom. The processing of these wonders is carried out with great precision. This closed-comb shaver with a minimalist design is made in Portugal. Available in matte finish or black. It weighs 87 grams and is 93.7 mm long.

Price: €149.95 at Razage Classique

7 – Merkur – travel

merkur travel safety shaver

Removable handle and leather case!

Price: €43.90 at Razage Classique

8 – Merkur future is adjustable

merkur future matt avier razor

There are 6 settings to adjust the angle of the blade. From 1 for a gentle shave (soft beards) to 6 for a more aggressive shave (hard beards). Made of matte chrome steel. Polished metal, chrome metal or satin metal options are available. It weighs 125 grams and measures 11 cm.

Price: €72 at Razage Classique

9 – Icon Β« Technology Β»

iKon technology razor

High-end shaver with a highly detailed handle. It's a wonderful object. Its 100% stainless steel head is coated with DLC carbon and has a comb that is open on one side and closed on the other. Made in the United States from stainless steel and carbon. It measures 9.2 cm and weighs 100 grams.

Price: €114.9 at Razage Classique

10 – Wilde and Harte “Osterley”

Osterley Wilde and Harte razor

Short handle, resin tip. It's a luxury model. It is also available with a long handle and you can choose it when purchasing. This model is made in the UK from a metal that is completely resistant to moisture: stainless steel. The short model weighs 86 grams for 8.6 cm length, while the long model is slightly heavier at 100 grams for 10 cm length.

Price: €149 at Razage Classique

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