10 Best Open Comb Razors

Let's continue to step into the world of traditional shaving together. As always, if you want to delve deeper into the topic, I direct you to the article dedicated to this topic. Recently, I introduced you to the closed comb shaver, which is the first type of shaver. I explained that it is soft and pleasant and is more suitable for people who shave frequently. Today, without wasting any more time, we are discussing the open comb razor.

Unlike the closed comb razor, the open comb razor is equipped with teeth that are in contact with the skin and allow better guidance of the hairs towards the blade located between the teeth of the comb. Thanks to the water stored in the spaces between the teeth, the foam can be evacuated more easily. In any case, this type of product is designed for people with thick beards who do not shave very often.

1 – Fatip Retro

Italian brand Fatip offers a beautiful brass open comb razor with a black chrome metal finish. We are looking at a very long product of 10.6 cm and a very thin product with a diameter of one centimeter. The retro aesthetic will appeal to some. Made in Italy.

Price: €24.95 at Razage Classique.

fatip retro bronze

2 – Parker 24C

If you are looking for a shaver that feels nice in your hand, Parker 24C may be for you. We are faced with a product that is both long and heavy. Visually, the change between polished and sculpted pieces is beautiful. Made in India.

Price: €26 at Razage Classique.

parker 24c

3 – Mercury 41C

The Merkur 41C is a very small 8cm chrome-plated brass shaver inspired by the art deco model from 1904. Its handle is very original with its striped hexagonal shape. Reserve it for occasional use. German made.

Price: €27.95 at Razage Classique.

Mercury 41c

4 – Parker 70 C

Long but lighter than the 24C, this model is available in metal with a white guilloche finish on the handle and is fitted with polished parts. For those looking for a touch of fantasy. Made in India.

Price: €28.90 at Razage Classique.

parker 70c

5 – Fatip Storto

A nice little shaver from Fatip made of chrome plated brass. Check out the beautiful ribbed finish on the handle, reminiscent of traditional barber shop signs. This model is equipped with a head inclined This allows the shaver to attack the hair obliquely. Very efficient. Made in Italy.

Price: €29.90 at Razage Classique.

Fatip is crooked

6 – Mercury 25C

A long and very light shaver made of chrome-plated brass. This model is known to be softer than some open comb models. Guilloché handle coating for better grip. Made in Italy.

Price: €34.95 at Razage Classique.

mercury 25c

7 – Timor Inox

With a weight of 118 grams, he is the heavyweight category champion of our selection. It is this significant weight that allows you to shave effectively and effortlessly. We are on a completely stainless metal model. The aesthetics are quite original with this enlarged shape at the end of the arm. German made.

Price: €53.90 at Razage Classique.

Timor inox

8 – Timor oak

Since there's more to life than chrome metal, opt for this Timor shaver in brass and oak. The combination of the two materials makes this product very attractive and pleasant to the hand. Frankly, this luxury detail is also reflected in the sales price. We are quite a significant length and weight. German made.

Price: €78.90 at Razage Classique.

Timor 1362 oak

9 – Mercury 15C

This very light and short model is directly inspired by the Gillette Single Ring, the first razor developed at the beginning of the 19th century. A great classic from the German brand Merkur. If you are looking for a shaver that is not too aggressive for 3-day beards, you can choose it without any problems.

Price: €32.95 at Razage Classique.

mercury 15c

10 – Tatara Nodachi

A very modern design for this long and heavy shaver made of sandblasted stainless steel. I really liked the design of the product, it is almost futuristic. In terms of use, we are faced with a very aggressive product that provides excellent shaving precision. The icing on the cake is its innovative structure that prevents wear and vibration. A very nice gift. Made in Portugal.

Price: €164.95 at Razage Classique.

Tatara nodachi gris

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