10 DIY Ladder Shelves to Beautify Your Home Decor

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During my office/craft room remodel the other day, I decided I wanted a shelf to store some books, plants, and second-hand items. I thought about things I could use to do this and decided that a DIY ladder rack would be perfect for what I needed.

And since I'm a DIY mom, I decided to make a ladder shelf! 🙂

Ladder shelves are simple but beautiful. And they create a great space to display items. I searched for ladder shelf inspiration and found a bunch of different styles and designs that I wanted to share with you!

Here are 10 DIY ladder shelves for you to choose which one you would like to make for your home. I started with what I made myself 😉

#1 DIY Modern Ladder Shelf

I made this ladder shelf for my office/craft room. It is effortless to make, but it requires some tools and some mastery. I say this is an intermediate DIY project, but with a little guidance anyone can do it!

I'm here to show you the exact steps to make this ladder rack.

Learn to do it here

Or Watch me get here!

DIY ladder shelf

If you're not ready to build this staircase, buy one here!

#2 Floating Ladder Rack

This next ladder shelf is from Anika Anika's DIY Life. She shows us how to make a floating ladder shelf! Absolutely beautiful and perfect for any room. She uses it as a towel holder and storage for the bathroom!

Learn how to do it here.

floating ladder shelf do it yourself

If you choose to buy such a rack, buy one here!

#3 Wall Mounted Ladder Rack

This is another shelf that mounts to your wall, but it's different than what you normally think of when you hear ladder shelf. This ladder rack is horizontal!

Instructions shows how to make this horizontal wall mounted ladder rack with tall wooden ladder! It's a pretty cool project that will make any room stand out.

Learn to do it here.

wall mounted horizontal ladder rack

#4 Staircase Bookshelf

This Old House teaches you how to make this ladder shelf, which is a different version of what I made. It still creates space for beautiful displays and is a great addition to any room.

Learn to do it here.

tray ladder rack

If you don't have time to do this, don't worry! You can do Buy this ladder shelf in any color you want here!

#5 Leaning Wall Ladder Bookshelf and Desk

This is another ladder bookcase that leans against your wall. Because it's great Anna White He also uses the ladder shelves to create a lean-to desk!

I love this wall ladder bookcase! It looks stunning.

Learn to do it here.

ladder wall bookshelf

You can do Buy yourself a similar ladder bookcase and desk! If you don't want to bother with this DIY project 😉

#6 Ladder Shelf from Wooden Ladder

This is such an easy DIY project and absolutely adorable! HGTV shows you how to use an old wooden ladder to create a simple ladder shelf that you can paint and customize to suit your home.

This project is surprisingly easy to make and makes a great shelf for your home.

Learn to do it here.

wooden ladder ladder shelf

If you don't want to do this, You can buy a nice and similar ladder rack here.

#7 Ladder Rack for Blankets

This is a ladder rack for blankets! This blanket ladder took me an hour to make and only cost $12. This blanket ladder was part of my Anthropology inspired DIY series and I absolutely love it!

This is a DIY project that's great for beginners and gives you a place to store your blankets with a simple ladder design.

Learn how to do this here.

Or Watch me get here!

If you choose to buy this cute blanket ladder, You can buy it here!

#8 Ladder Planter

This next project is super creative. Anna White she does it again and shows us how to use a ladder shelf as a planter!

Instead of building a staircase shelf inside your home, you can create a cute shelf to display and grow a beautiful garden.

Learn how to do this here.

Ladder Planter

You can if you want Buy this planter ladder rack here!

#9 Cute Painted Ladder Shelf

This next ladder shelf comes from Kristi Doing it in the Mountains. She shows us how to make a cute ladder shelf that also has trays as shelves that can be used to display different items as well as plants.

You can paint this shelf in any color you want and use it indoors and outdoors.

Learn to do this here.

cute painted ladder shelf

If you like this shelf, you can: Buy a similar ladder rack here!

#10 Christmas Tree Ladder Rack

Since the holiday season is approaching, I saved the best for last. This next ladder rack is a Christmas tree ladder! Instructables shows you how to make this festive DIY project for Christmas gifts or decoration.

Learn to do this here.

ladder christmas tree

If you don't want to do this, welcome buy this ladder rack to turn it into your own Christmas tree ladder!

Climbing the DIY Project Ladder

These 10 DIY ladder shelves with plans are awesome and easy to make! It's okay if you're not ready to climb the DIY project ladder yet, so I've included links where you can purchase a similar ladder rack for yourself.

Doing DIY projects requires some patience, ingenuity, and time, so it's okay if you're not quite ready for all that. Either way, these ladder rack plans are here for you when you're ready!

And remember, I'm always here to help you on your DIY journey!

Feel free to contact me and I will help you through the process!

Which of these ladder racks are you planning to make or buy? Let me know below!

Happy building!

Here are some of my favorite stairs on the market!

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