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Many parents are homeschooling this year and are looking for fun activities their kids can do at home in between schoolwork. But also, many parents sent their young children to school But I would love to have activities for them to do when they return home.

I wish you could make great projects that your little ones would enjoy.

No worries… You can do it! I've compiled a list of DIY projects you can do for your kids and fun activities that kids love! You can use some of these free plans to easily create projects at an affordable price to stay within your budget. But still be proud of yourself for completing a great project for your little ones.

If you prefer not to build things, that's okay. There are a variety of arts and crafts activities that your children can do themselves with your help. they can create memories and have fun.

Here are 10 DIY wood projects and fun activities for kids.

#1 DIY Sandbox Picnic Table Combo

This cute multipurpose table is easy to make and doesn't take long to make. It's a cute little picnic table that opens up into a sandbox underneath. Your little ones will love picnicking outdoors and playing in the sand.

I did this in a few hours. and it is also suitable for beginners. My girls love this! You can check how I set it up here. It is easy to make, so you don't feel overwhelmed. If you're ready to get started, you can get free plans to build it yourself Here.

You can also watch how I made this DIY sandbox picnic table combo here!

diy sandbox picnic table combo diy wood projects activities

#2 Easy to Make DIY Play Mat

You and your child will love making this next fun project. The sky's the limit for your child's creativity with this easy-to-make play mat. All you need is a drop cloth, glue gun, felt pads and your imagination. DIY Network It shows you every step to make this play mat.

If you want, make different play mats with different themes. From dinosaur parks to cities, your child can create his or her own little world on this playmat.

Learn how to do this here.

do it yourself play mat easy to make
Image: DIY Network

#3 DIY Cornhole Boards

What kid doesn't love playing corn hole? Now you can do it yourself personalized corn hole boards for your kids. Cornhole boards can be expensive, so making them will help you save money money and gives you the freedom to customize them.

You can paint it however you want and personalize the bean bags as well. from Kimberly A Great Thought He made these corn hole boards that look great. And it teaches you how to make these DIY corn hole boards here.

diy corn hole boards
Image by A Wonderful Thought

#4 DIY Easy Wooden Grow Chart

Kids grow up so fast! I'm sure I don't need to tell you this because you've probably spent plenty of money on new clothes, new shoes, and anything new you'll need to buy when your child grows up.

The one thing you don't need to spend a lot of money on is a nice wooden growth chart. Children always want to grow up fast and like to see their progress. That's why kids love having growth charts so they can see how much they've grown.

I made this beautiful, easy to make tree growth chart for my daughters and they loved it. And the best part is that it costs much less money than if you bought the same growth chart somewhere.

To learn Here's how to make this cute wooden growth chart.. Or you can watch me do thisand see the happiness on my daughters' faces in this video Here!

DIY easy-to-make wood growth chart DIY wood projects activities

#5 Easy DIY Wooden Doll Playground

We can't forget the little ones anymore! How about a beautiful DIY wood project for a baby? You can make this magnificent wooden doll playroom in a very short time.. I made this for my friend whose baby shower I was hosting. He absolutely loved it.

you can learn how to do it here. It only takes an hour or two to do and will cost you under $10. What a great deal!

You can do watch me come here.

easy diy wooden doll play gym diy wood projects activities

#6 Fun DIY Newspaper Castle

This is one of the easiest fun kids activities your kids can do at home. Kids love building castles and this one is easy to build with old newspapers.. from Stephanie Modern Parents Messy Children teaches you how to make this easy newspaper castle.

You can do learn to do it hereand let your little ones enjoy building the newspaper fort, castle or tent. Their imaginations can run wild with this easy DIY project for them.

fun diy newspaper castle
Image: Modern Parents Messy children

#7 DIY Dollhouse IKEA Hack

If you have at least one precious little girl in your life, this next DIY project is a must-do to make any girl happy! Your little girl will definitely love this DIY dollhouse IKEA hack. You can build and she can enjoy decorating every room.

Today Jennifer Kirk's easy dollhouse shares her IKEA bookshelf tip. A cute little dollhouse made from IKEA bookcases that you can buy and repurpose. You can do learn to do it hereand make the little girls in your life swoon.

do it yourself doll house ikea trick
today's picture

#8 Cute DIY Dinosaur Planter

This next project is a fun activity that you and your child can create together that will bring a dinosaur-loving child's dream to life.

You can create this cute DIY dinosaur planter and add a live plant inside for your little one to enjoy. It costs under $5 to make, and your child will love painting and decorating it however they want.. Asia, from Fun with Kids at Homeshows you how to easily make this cute Jurassic project with your little ones.

To learn make your own DIY dinosaur planter here.

diy dinosaur planter
Image: Fun at Home with Kids

#9 DIY Toy Storage Cardboard Train

This is a fun project for little train lovers where you can get your kids to help you. I made this for my daughter Sasha and it is so cute. This project is very simple to make! Your child can enjoy decorating his own train that he can use to pull his stuffed animals inside.

I personalized Sasha's with her name and she loved it. Whether they play with their new train or park it as a toy storage train, this fun DIY project is sure to be one that kids love.

Learn how to do it here!

DIY toy storage cardboard train

#10 DIY Backyard Playground with Climbing Wall

I saved the best for last. I came up with this idea after purchasing a random slide from Facebook Marketplace and it was a great purchase! You can save hundreds of dollars by building a playground with a climbing wall in your backyard instead of buying one.

I also put the slide I bought into use and created this playground for my daughters. It's small enough to fit any size backyard but packed with lots of fun. You can see how I do it Here And learn to do it yourself.

Get the plans for this project here.

Or you can Watch me get here!

DIY backyard playground with climbing wall

10 Things That Will Bring Countless Smiles

These 10 DIY woodworking projects and fun activities for kids will bring countless smiles to your kids' faces. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make these fun projects.

I'm always making new projects for my little girls and my home.

If you're looking for more fun ideas for kids, you might want to see how I did it. Waldorf-inspired Wooden Building blocks

diy grimms building blocks

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pretend to play diy toy tree house

follow me on instagram @ifonlyapril. I try to share my progress on all projects in stories.

I hope you enjoyed this blog with 10 DIY wood projects and fun activities for kids. Happy making! Are you planning to do any of these fun projects for or with your kids? Let me know which one your kids like best! ;D

xoxo, April

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