12 IKEA Alex drawer hacks that will inspire you (must see)

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A few years ago I updated my IKEA Alex drawer and changed the front panels of the drawers to make them look more special and definitely better. Today I want to share with you simple but amazing IKEA Alex drawer hacks!

I hope this post inspires you to update your simple Alex drawer.

If you don't remember what the IKEA Alex drawer looks like, here's a reminder 😁

1. Replacing the IKEA Alex drawer front.

This project probably took me a few hours, but the result exceeded my expectations! To be honest, I'd probably replace the handles with more modern ones now that I'm in taste but it still looks stinky!

Here's a tutorial on how to replace original drawer fronts with natural wood.

2. Adding reed weaving

Credit: The Hardins photo

Hardins He did something absolutely amazing with his standard Alex drawer. They added cane webbing to the front of the drawers and these are gorgeous shots. I love the boho and modern look of the IKEA Alex drawer.

3. Adding patterns

Credit: Grillo designs

With This clever IKEA hackYou don't even need to change the drawer fronts. To archive the luxurious look, simply paint a design on it.

4. Add decoupage

Credit: ullevidsdal

Covering this ALEX dresser with decoupage paper sounds like a great idea! When it comes to maps There as Helene Langborg, That's extra points. But use your imagination on what design to add.

5. Paint the drawers with chalk

Credit: ThePaintedHiAnd

Kristine it uses a different type of drawer, but you can still apply it to the ALEX drawer and paint it with chalk paint. I think it looks very vintage and gorgeous.

Just get creative and add chalk paint to the front drawers and get some beautiful shots.


6. Make it look luxurious by adding embellishments

I love how it is. Liz added a correction drawers and these gorgeous gold drawers. You can read his tutorial on the blog. Needless to say, you can paint it any color you want, but I really like the black look.

7. Add stickers

Alex drawer stickers are very popular and make a huge difference. In just a few minutes, your Alex drawer can go from a generic drawer to a customized drawer. And it's all thanks to the stickers. There are many options on Etsy worth looking at. Here are a few of my favorites:

Source: MyWallStickers
Source: MyWallDecals
Source: MyWallDecals

8. Add fake rice

Ashley from Sugar and Cloth did something very small but effective. They made faux brass drawers and they look amazing!

Very easy to make, read the full tutorial their website.

9. Add rustic batting

Source: BrePurposed

If the previous caning project had been light and airy, this is so rustic and the pharmacist look alike. I love the combination of warm wood tones and stained reeds.

And special shout out to the wall color in the background!

10. Fake pharmacist drawers

Source: DaintyDiaries

Who doesn't love a beautiful apothecary drawer? They're very expensive though, so it's a nice alternative making fake apothecary drawers. The ALEX drawer is also perfect for this job. I think this is one of my favorite IKEA Alex drawer hacks.

11th. Shady To look

These Etsy stickers It looks great, but you can also paint the front of the drawers in matching colors to get the ombre look.

12. Bring them together

Source: Mr Kate

Mr Kate stepped out of the box and we put two long ALEX drawers together to create a dresser with long, narrow drawers. And the color of this one is gorgeous; It's great to brighten up any room!

What's your favorite IKEA Alex drawer hack?

Let me know in the comments!



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