3 horror games you can try this weekend are on Xbox Game Pass (June 21-23)

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Another weekend is upon us, and you're probably wondering which Xbox Game Pass games you should devote some time to in the next few days. Although Halloween is still a few months away, the release of a new horror game this week means I'll be recommending some spooky games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog this time.

Of course, my first recommendation is the new game developed by the company. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs developer The Chinese Room takes place on an oil rig. Once you get past that, I recommend checking out EA Motive's remake of a sci-fi horror game classic, as well as Striking Distance Studio's newer game inspired by the same game.

Still Waking Deep

A twisted oil rig in Still Wakes the Deep.
Incognito Mode

Known for plays such as The Chinese Room Everyone Went to Happiness And Amnesia: A Machine for Pigsand has finally returned to the horror genre with its release this week. Still Waking Deep. A Lovecraftian horror game set on an oil rig in Scotland in the 1970s. Unique setting gives it a unique feeling, Still Waking Deep A prime example of how a stunning environment can help make or break a game.

It also offers many tense moments and scares for fans of first-person horror games. Even if you tend to dislike scary video games, Still Waking Deep To make it a little more approachable, it has a Story Mode mode that makes players less likely to die. It only takes six to eight hours to beat this game, so you should be able to squeeze in a full game this weekend.

Still Waking Deep It's available via Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox Series X/S, but is also available on PlayStation 5.

Dead Space

Issac Clarke explores the ruins in Dead Space Remake.

2008's Dead Space It set many standards for modern horror games by keeping the camera in the player's hand, offering bloody fights against alien monsters, and finding ways to make all the most essential user interface elements narrative in the gaming world. Although you can play the Xbox 360 original through EA Play with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, I specifically recommend EA Motive. Dead Space The remake launched last January.

It's mostly the same game as the 2008 classic; It has the polished controls and lavish visuals of a current-gen video game. of Dead Space The masterful balance between action and horror works as well now as it did 15 years ago, and EA Motive's work is a masterclass in how to make a faithful remake. If you're a horror game fan and somehow never played it Dead SpaceGive the remake a try this weekend.

remake Dead Space Available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and in the cloud via EA Play. It's also available on PS5.

Callisto Protocol

Jacob Lee with Jupiter in the background in The Callisto Protocol.

If you enjoyed Dead Space and I'm looking for other similar games, I recommend Callisto Protocol. This game was made by some of the developers who worked on the original. Dead Space at Striking Distance Studios. Although it's not as refined a horror experience, it's still Callisto Protocol It's fun enough, and I like the setting: a high-security prison on one of Jupiter's moons.

Callisto Protocol It's one of the most beautiful games on consoles this generation, and features solid central performances from Josh Duhamel, Karen Fukuhara, and Sam Witwer. The controls of melee combat take some getting used to, but it also leads to some awkward battles against terrifying monsters. I guess now that it's on a subscription service and not a full-priced new release Callisto Protocol Worth the time of horror fans.

As with the other games I've recommended, there are PC and Xbox Series X/S versions Callisto Protocol While it is included in Xbox Game Pass, the PS5 version of the game can also be purchased separately on PS5.

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