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Dreamy pastel toddler girl bedroom

When we lived in New York, we had a one-bedroom apartment, and 9-month-old Sasha took over our bedroom, allowing us to move into the living room. I know it was far from ideal, but at least no one would disturb him and he could sleep through the night (things we do for kids haha). We moved to Connecticut and everyone finally had their own bedroom. You can probably imagine the excitement of having a room to decorate.


Putting the bedroom together took a lot longer than I expected, partly because I wanted to buy her a full-size Montessori floor bed, but all the options on the market seemed too expensive. I had a twin bed growing up and always dreamed of a bigger bed where you could put tons of pillows and have plenty of room to roll around. Maybe this bed is a little too big for a two year old, but he'll be using this bed until he goes to college haha.

After extensive research and disappointment with the prices, a serial DIYer, I decided to do it myself. It took over a month and it's far from perfect but it was worth it. I wrote how I did it HERE.

I decided to choose light grey, white and soft dusty pink as the colors of the room. I've been against pink for most of my life, but I think having a girl changed me. (I can't stand bright pink though and I don't see it changing). I used This chalk paint from Behr Trellis for the bed is in grey.

I looked for sheer drapery fabric everywhere and had trouble finding a textile that wasn't sold in a pre-cut piece at a yard. It wouldn't be good to sew them together and have a seam in the middle. I found this drapery at a local fabric store but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect drapery for this dreamy bed, so if you know where I can find it let me know. Sasha absolutely loves this bed; not just for sleeping in, but also for jumping on, reading and relaxing.


UPDATED (9/25/2019) Since we moved into a new house a few months ago, I've decorated a new bedroom with a lot more DIY ideas and designs. You can find HERE.


Another DIY project featured in this bedroom is floating bookshelves. As you know, toddlers and toddlers should display their books with their covers on display. It makes books more accessible and interesting for little ones. I found these great MOSSLANDA drawing books It's at IKEA but for some reason it wasn't in stock when I needed it. Being a decidedly impatient person, I went to Home Depot and bought some wood to make the notebooks myself. I have used these plans since: Anna White It was very easy and fun.

DIY Dresser

The dresser is from Ikea. I painted it Behr's heirloom rose color and I think it turned out to be quite beautiful. If you decide to try it, check out this is useful tutorial My only advice on how to paint furniture is to use a quality roller instead of a brush. The latter tends to leave bumps and chips on the paint.


One of the must-have items in a toddler's room is a diaper pail. I used a few different brands before purchasing. Ubbi diaper pail and none of them met my expectations. This has a flawless design and traps the smell of dirty diapers in the bucket and does not let it out. Your room is guaranteed to stay clean even when the bucket is full. It is made of powder-coated steel, which protects the walls from odor adhesion compared to plastic. Another feature that I absolutely love is that there is no need to buy diaper pail filler bags! You can use any garbage bag you have on hand. Being able to skip this step and use any bag is a huge money saver. diaper box with wipes dispenser It is extremely useful for storing creams, nappies and wipes and can be easily moved around. As a big bonus, the Ubbi diaper pail comes in 12 color options. I chose mine in gray to match the overall feel of the room.

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DIY Montessori floor bed (You can buy similar to here) | IKEA dresser | Blackout curtains | TO DO Camera | DIY Camera Rack (similar) | DIY book display | Washing basket (similar) | Toys one, 2, 3, 4

Note: I received a free diaper pail and diaper box from Ubbi company. All opinions are my own.


This Paper hot air balloon art display I made for Sasha.

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