An epic DIY playroom makeover in retro style

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This is a story of evolution. The evolution of the playroom over the last six months. Yes, it's been that long. Here's the final product of this epic retro DIY game room makeover. I hope you enjoy the environment and get some ideas on how to decorate and design your playroom.

As always, on budget. I made almost every object in this room myself. That's why I call this room a labor of love😁

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When we moved into this house three years ago, this room was my office. I I painted this beautiful mural there but after a while I made a bunk bed for my daughters and decided to move them upstairs to the same room. expand my office haha (*evil laugh*).

I moved all his stuff into this room and didn't do much about it for a while.

It was a journey, of course. And I can't wait to show you what it looks like now!

But first, let's see what it looked like before… so you can get that shocking wow effect haha.

It's never been this amazing before

I started by painting the entire room white. It was the hardest part of the entire make-up; Choosing the right white color😬 but I think I succeeded. I chose Whisper White and it's still bright but has warm undertones!

This room is very dark. The veranda is on one side and covered with trees on the other. So it's almost always very dark in here.

See the magic of paint for yourself!

That's why it was so important to have white walls. White color reflects light and the room becomes larger and brighter.

When I think about why it took me so long to finish this room, the only reason I can think of is… the kids haha. I have no idea why, but every time I cleaned out the playroom and got ready to add some custom furniture in there, my kids would trash the room.

Haha I'm sure parents will understand my struggle😁

That's why I had to constantly vacate the place. At one point I made a big purchase and got rid of a lot of the toys we had. I donated it to my child's nursery. So my kids can still play with them but I don't have to clean them haha

I found a great rotation system for kids toys. However, I don't think it makes sense to keep toys at home since they are mostly in the nursery these days. I only kept the most valuable ones. But if you have younger children, You can watch this video where I explain my 3-step toy storage and organization system..

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So let's see what's in store in this beautiful retro game room.

This is definitely my favorite IKEA hack. I used two TROFAST units and made a piece of furniture from them.

Putting them both together and adding the legs, cane and hardware worked a miracle.

Let me be honest with you though. The cane on the doors was not holding. I need to fix this and I promise I will show you what I did to secure the cane better.

Also, note the DIY play silks below, I made them a few years ago and they sure got a lot of use. Watch me be here.

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DIY playroom makeover

This chandelier was inspired by FELA from Anthropologie but of course I decided to make it colorful instead of neutral. You can find all the details on how to do it on the blog!

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I absolutely love this yellow arch bookcase/notebook, I never know what to call it. I love the colors, the concept, pretty much everything I chose for this. This is surprising since my kids are still young and it's easier to get them interested in a book when there are books on display.

The bottom bookshelf holds the rest of the books we usually rotate.

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I was very happy when I won this dresser for I think 20 dollars. And oh boy, she sure went through a transformation!

I added hardware and mid-century modern legs, cut out the bottom, and painted the top. I think it looks amazing. My kids definitely agree because they won't stop playing with it 😁 I wish the drawers were a little wider but anyway, you can't complain when you get such a great piece for $20. You can find all the details on the blog.

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And can you believe I found this in March 2021? (I am writing this one week into Thanksgiving 2021).

This playroom makeover is definitely a labor of love.

I wish I could add some wallpaper and maybe some decorations to this playroom wall as well, but since it's a rental I'm keeping it simple.

Very comfortable, we love it

I didn't do this haha ​​but can you believe I thought about it? I know, at one point I was crazy enough to start researching how to DIY the nugget 😁 here's the problem with DIYers. I finally pulled myself together and ordered the damn thing😁

I love it! Kids are obsessed with this!

DIY playroom makeover
DIY table – my greatest achievement as a woodworker!

I'm not going to lie, I think this is my favorite build yet. It was very difficult to make the drawers since it was my first time. But I did it!! And after this table I feel like I can do anything!!!

I love the flute decoration and color. And also because it coordinates with other colors. On the top of the table, there is vanilla paste, as well as a 9-drawer dresser and notebooks on the bookshelf. Oh, and the edges at the bottom are the same color!

I have plans for this chest of drawers if you want to make one for yourself.

DIY playroom makeover
These building blocks have been with us for several years

And check out these DIY building blocks I made a few years ago. They're beat up, but that's what I call “signs of life” hahaha They've definitely been used a lot.

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Ah! Did I mention the table is my favorite? I take it back! This butterfly board is my absolute favorite!!

I made butterflies out of epoxy (first time using it) and built a floating frame from scratch.

I don't know what you think of it, but I think it's amazing! And I can't take my eyes off him!!!

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DIY playroom makeover

The idea for these shelves seemed so random. I was looking at the space and there were so many shapes and circles that I decided to coordinate the shelves with it.

So I chose matching colors and made one with pegs so the kids could hang their princess dresses on it.

What do you think about them? I love them!

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I used many things I found in the antique market as decoration, such as this horse or an old telephone. I think I could hang it on the wall. It will look cute.

I was thinking about whether to choose curtains with a bright pattern, but since there was a lot of furniture in bright colors, I decided that the curtains should be more muted. I I chose these curtains and I love them. These Also available on Amazon.

There was a cherry on top this neon sign I found it on Amazon. It's not real neon, it's acrylic, but guess what? I wouldn't trust my kids with real neon either way! So for $15 it does the job and looks absolutely amazing here!

You can also see the alphabet print I have here. This is a Russian alphabet since my daughter is now learning Russian. But we have a variety of transport prints and alphabets, dinosaurs, the English alphabet and much more. This hand-painted watercolor alphabet is available along with other gorgeous watercolor prints in my store And In my shop on Etsy.

Since you are my favorite reader, you will get a discount when purchasing these 🙂 Here is a link or enter IFONLY30 at checkout.

I think I explained it all in this article. Let me know if you have any questions!

DIY playroom makeover


Sources: (for things I actually bought haha)


DIY playroom makeover
DIY playroom makeover



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