Ark 2: release date speculation, platforms, trailers, gameplay and more

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In the rise of survival games that flooded the market at the time minecraftAfter the release of , only a few managed to build an audience and survive. The ones that made it were the ones with strong mechanics, lots of content, and a unique spin on the world. Ark: Survival Evolved It's a bit late in some ways, hitting early access in 2015 and fully launching in 2017, but it's been a hit from the start. This is, of course, thanks to the game's main feature: dinosaurs.

Along with the announcement of the sequel, the film stars none other than Vin Diesel. Seeing Diesel on the back of a T-Rex might be enough on its own to make most people fall in love with this ambitious survival game, but for anyone who needs a little more information before investing in this prehistoric adventure, here's everything we know. Arc 2.

Release date

People riding T-Rex in Ark 2.
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Arc 2 has suffered numerous delays, the latest of which puts its release window at late 2024.


Two raptors face off in Ion Ark 2.
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Different Ark: Survival Evolved, Arc 2 It will launch simultaneously on console and PC. However, as stated Microsoft on its website, Arc 2 There will be a console launch exclusive to Xbox Series X/S. This means that PlayStation 5 players will not be able to play games for a while. This can be as short as three months or as long as a year, depending on the agreement. We know this will be a PC and current-gen game only, so there will be no Xbox One or PS4 version.


Announcement trailer for Arc 2 made its debut on the Game Awards stage in December 2020 with a flashy and lengthy video.

The trailer opens with a girl observing a strange creature disguised as a flower. He watches her scurry along a branch as someone other than caveman Vin Diesel comes up from behind and tells her they need to leave. They rejoin their small tribe wandering the forests, but are pursued by cloaked beastmen. Vin confronts the leader of this group, and a protracted battle is interrupted when a T-Rex bursts through the trees and eats the beastman.

While attacking Vin's tribe, one sacrifices himself to save the girl. There's plenty of fighting, running, and epic music until Vin, the girl, and a woman escape into a cave. Here we see that everyone has a glowing stone embedded in their forearm that reacts to some sci-fi technology. A screen scans Vin, identifying him as Santiago Da Costa and showing many details about him, including that his Engram Print is missing and his cloning access is restricted.

Santiago turns off the device and they leave the cave, standing on a huge landscape of impossible landmasses and dinosaurs.

The next one, which acts almost like a sort of re-emergence. Arc 2 The trailer wasn't released until the June 2022 Microsoft and Bethesda Showcase.

This much shorter trailer finally gives some context to the story and world. Arc 2. The opening monologue from Meeka, the girl from the first trailer and the daughter of Diesel's Santiago, explains that there was a war in the past that caused the world situation to be a mix of prehistoric animals and futuristic technologies. The life of animals sent from Earth on this new planet is a constant struggle for survival.

The main scene of the trailer is Santiago and Meek riding on the back of a huge dinosaur equipped with a saddle and armor.

Although the trailers have focused on Diesel's character Santiago so far, Arc 2 It will still be a sandbox game like the first one. According to information from the first game, Santiago is a copy of the player character in that game. Arc 2 It will be placed after the first game's final expansion in 2021, but there was never a huge emphasis on the story in the first place.

Made by Studio Wildcard Confirm with Gamespot He said that no gameplay will be shown in 2023 and that the first trailer showing the game in action will arrive in 2024.


A human stands in front of a T-Rex.
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Everything shown Arc 2 it was cinematic, but as a sequel it has to carry over a lot from the first game. We expect it to continue to focus on survival and crafting, with tons of recipes and things to discover, upgrade, and build. We are waiting for a game where you can start from scratch and progress to almost invincible levels, whether alone or with your friends. The first game also had tribal mechanics and very interesting ways characters could interact with each other.

Combat may or may not feature as many futuristic weapons, again inspired by the first game. We haven't seen it yet, but the first game had all kinds of sci-fi weapons along with your primitive spears and axes. As with any shared world survival game, you can team up with or fight against other human players as well as AI enemies.

Combat is said to be more Spirit-like, involving lock-on, dodge, combos, balance, and special moves. However, in order to keep up with a big change, Arc 2 It will now be a third-person or first-person game. This will not only help with the new challenge, but will also help with new methods of transition. The developer said the same thing while describing the experience. “Ark 2 has some pretty significant design changes from the original game, which may not make it appealing to everyone; looking at you, Souls-like combat, just rudimentary weapons, solid third-person mechanics, and an overall 'very serious' tone — which is why it's important to give players a completely next-gen version of the original experience to ensure fans can enjoy the Ark they know for years to come We think it is.”

Arc 2 It will feature a lot of RPG elements, mainly in the form of leveling up and working through a skill tree with different abilities, perks, and power-ups.

A new group of enemies in the game will be called Atarai and will attack any player on foot, but will also be able to ride their own dinosaurs, making them potentially very deadly.

Last but not least: dinosaurs. There is no way Arc 2 That trait aside, the ability to tame and ride these prehistoric beasts seems to double. We don't know how it will work this time, but we're excited to find out.

Arc 2 It's fully multiplayer, and that's all we know so far. We don't know which multiplayer mechanics from the first game will continue, or even how many players will be able to coexist in the same world. We also don't currently know if you can create your own private world and play alone.

One thing we know is that Arc 2 It will at least have cross-platform support for PC and Xbox players, and will likely also have PlayStation at launch.

Pre order

It currently only has a wide window of release until late 2024, so pre-orders aren't available anywhere. However, PC users also have the option to add the game to their own games. Wishlist on Steam if they want to get ahead. We also know it will be released on Game Pass, so if you're subscribed to that service you'll be able to play it on day one. For everyone else, we'll let you know when actual pre-orders go up.

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