Astro Bot will reference one of Sony PlayStation's oldest memes

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Team Asobi

The Astro Bot series is known for showcasing PlayStation history with incredible cutaways and miniatures. for the future Astro RobotOfficially announced at Sony's latest State of Play event this week, this video apparently comes in the form of a nearly 20-year-old meme.

In an interview with EWAsobi Team president Nicolas Doucet talked about some of the characters players will encounter spread across the game's 80 planets. This includes some obvious additions like Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series and Aloy from the Horizon games, but one of the paragraphs mentions an island shaped like a giant crab.

For those unfamiliar with video game meme history, “Giant Enemy Crab” is a classic. Sony's E3 2006 presentation featured gameplay. Genji: Days of the Swordan action game loosely based on the classic Japanese epic Heike's Story. While producer Bill Ritch performed the play on stage, he talked about what players can expect; these included fights “based on famous battles that took place in ancient Japan.” However, just as he says this, a giant crab appears on the screen. Ritch then uttered the now famous line: “That's the giant enemy crab.”

Relatedly, this is also the demo that brings up a phrase I quote all the time: “And you attack its weak spot for massive damage.”

The absurdity of the moment catapulted the Giant Enemy Crab into notoriety. People made fun of it online, there was a Newgrounds game based on it, and it was even brought up at future E3 press conferences. While giving a presentation Octodad: The Greatest CaptureAdam Boyes, Sony's vice president of third-party relations, said: “Although historically accurate, this game does not feature giant enemy crabs.”

E3 2006 was a weak point for Sony overall. Not only did it have some lackluster reveals and laughable moments, but it was also when ridiculously high pricing for the PlayStation 3 ($599) was announced. Archive and documentary channel NoClip re-edited the entire press conference in HD last year; If you want to relive the fun, watch on YouTube.

His involvement, however small, is in line with Team Asobi's history in the Astro Bot series. To take Astro's PlayroomFor example, which was released alongside the PlayStation 5 as a technology demo that also covered PlayStation console history. Some of her many in-depth cameos include the Fat Princess in the 2009 game Fat Princess; monkey escapeIt was the first game to require two analog sticks; And Ridge Raceragain from E3 2006.

“I would say it's pop culture in a very broad sense in general,” Doucet said in an EW interview about the upcoming new film. Astro Robot. “That's something we've always done as part of our games; look at real-world iconic inspirations, a lot of them from Hollywood movies or famous animations, and really look at cross-generational themes.”

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