Behemoth is a dark mix of Skyrim VR and Shadow of the Colossus

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Sky Dance Games

Skydance Games has something big on its hands GiantMeta Quest 2 and 3 is an upcoming fantasy action VR game for PlayStation VR2 and PC VR. And when I say “big,” I'm talking about his namesake Behemoths themselves. From the protagonist's first-person perspective, standing near the base of these monsters makes you feel very small in comparison. But that doesn't mean you can't fight them, and the entire plot of the upcoming VR game hinges on their defeat.

Digital Trends was recently invited to Skydance Games' offices in Santa Monica for a hands-on demo. Giant. Shawn Kittelsen, Skydance Interactive's vice president of creative, was there to walk me through the demo, which took place about three hours after the game launched. According to Kittelsen, the area explored in the demo will be filled with more enemies in the final game. However, some subtractions were made to keep the demo to only 45 minutes. In the short time I had to play it, I got a taste of what felt like a promising mix. SkyrimVR And shadow of the statue.

Killing the Behemoths

Giant is first person VR adventure with an emphasis on sword-swinging combat and light exploration. both Skyrim And shadow of the statue appropriate comparisons because Giant It immerses players in a dark fantasy world and places them in the mountainous terrain of the cursed Forsaken Lands. The player character is also a powerful warrior who has been cursed, and the only way to heal the land is to save it from the Behemoths.

A closer look at one of the swords in Behemoth.
Sky Dance Games

The demo was played on a PS5 using the standard PlayStation VR2 headset and controllers. Even at this stage of the game the immersion was impressive; Kittelsen stated that the game is six months behind its current build. Giant. It took some trial and error to get used to the controls, but once the commands were learned they became largely intuitive. Movement is controlled with the left-side controller, but both controllers follow the movements of your arms. For example, right-handed players can use the sword in that hand while the left arm moves the shield. Sword combat requires you to mimic the actions you want your character to perform.

Similarly, some two-handed weapons, including a larger sword and bow and arrow, require the use of both hands. This means occasionally moving without a shield. Hand controls also allow the player to draw items from their belt, including healing potions, which are sometimes needed in the heat of battle.

Close range combat in Behemoth.
Sky Dance Games

A particularly appreciated feature was the ability to recall the sword back to your hand via the grip button. This has worked in many cases and even allows the player to throw the sword at enemies and recall it back to their hand, unlike Thor's hammer in the Marvel movies.

Other than the healer who teaches the player character how to make potions, I didn't encounter any other friendly NPCs during the demo. Everyone I met was trying to kill me. The enemy forces are loyal worshipers of the local Behemoth who live in a ruined castle on a mountain. The high beast is not a peaceful creature like the giants. shadow of the statue; He had a ball and chain weapon to match his size and the ferocity of a deadly warrior. War was no stranger to this creature. During my first encounter with Behemoth, he paid no attention to his pursuers as he quickly lowered his weapon. Compared to this, all men are insects and at that point in the game they were neither interested in friend nor foe.

According to Kittelsen and other Skydance representatives present, the vast majority of players who had previously tried this demo preferred long-distance combat with enemies. So they were a little surprised by the close-quarters combat in my demo, which resulted in some brutal deaths. Among other things I discovered, you can stab an enemy by reaching under their shield, or even thrust your sword into their shoulder blades and press deeper into their body. This was a necessity because I couldn't get the bow and arrow to hit the targets accurately.

Fortress castle from Behemoth.
Sky Dance Games

Between combat encounters, the player must find ways to climb the walls of the castle or the rocks surrounding them. While the world Giant Since it was meant to feel like an open world, there weren't many ways to get lost. The game guided me where I needed to go and gave me the tools to tackle even the toughest climbs. The grapple crossbow is particularly useful because it allows players to swing from ledges and even use the device to quickly pull up. The crossbow can also be used in combat against attacking enemies or to clear obstacles such as drawbridge gates.

The song I play reminds me a lot. SkyrimVR, minus spells. However, the player character gains a magical power boost thanks to a curse. When charged up, the player's blows become even more damaging and can slice enemies in half with a single attack. This proved very useful in the fight against the last human enemy encountered in the demo. The leader of the enemy forces was much harder to fight than his subordinates, but even he had the same fighting patterns that could be countered with successful sword parries.

Seal in Behemoth Behemoth.
Sky Dance Games

To finish the demo, I came up with this: I briefly saw Seal Behemoth early in the game, sending his own followers into disaster. And this wasn't a battle I won. This could have been done with more time and more instructions. However, when it came to this part of the demo, the time allotted to us was up.

Giant Even at this early stage the title looks quite promising. Only a few small glimpses of the story were revealed during the game, but it was enough to keep me interested in the story. Giant it's not based on a pre-existing story or intellectual property, but if the completed game can live up to the promises of this demo, it has the potential to become a franchise in its own right.

Giant Meta Quest 2 and 3 will be released this fall for PlayStation VR 2 and PC VR headsets.

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