Best Xbox Game Pass deals: Get Game Pass Ultimate cheap

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If you recently bought yourself an Xbox Series X or Series S, you may be considering getting Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, like the need for PS Plus, Xbox users need to have a Game Pass subscription to get online access, especially when it comes to multiplayer games. Luckily, there are some additional benefits you'll get when you subscribe; so even though you have to take them, you also get a lot of benefits from the process.

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Xbox Game Pass Core — $8, was $13 per month

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Game Pass Core is the cheapest tier of Game Pass but still gives you access to key features, including online multiplayer. Game Pass Core launches with instant access to 36 games, and you can enjoy special discounts on select downloadable games. If you use Xbox and need online access, this is the way to go.

1 month subscription — $8, was $13

12-month subscription — $41, was $77

Xbox Game Pass Standard — $11 per month

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You can upgrade to a regular Game Pass subscription for just one more dollar per month. This gives you access to: 100 games instead of 36 games in Game Pass Core. Some games will enter Game Pass as soon as they are released; This essentially means you'll get free access to a brand new game (excluding the subscription fee, of course). There is a PC-only version that costs just $10 per month. There aren't any big deals right now, but many new games come with a few months of free Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — $12, was $15 per month

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Game Pass Ultimate is the full version of the subscription. Ultimate has everything the Core and Standard tiers have, plus some extra features. You get access to both the console and PC versions of Game Pass and can sync your saves between them. The biggest advantage is its inclusion. EA Play gives you access to EA's game library and pays for your subscription to its online services. Game Pass Ultimate also lets you stream your games over the cloud.

3-month subscription — $30, was $42

What is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's new version of Xbox Live Gold. It's much better than Live in many ways. Most importantly, you get access to online multiplayer on all plans. If you want to play co-op with your friends and compete against your enemies, you will need to get a Game Pass subscription. You also get something Xbox Live never gives you: free games. All Game Pass levels give you access to some free games, but the better the level, the more games you get. Game Pass Core starts with 36 free games. There are more than 100 games in normal level, And You will be able to access certain games on the day they are released. Ultimate gets EA Play, which unlocks 100 games plus many more EA games. Ultimate also has some cool features like cloud save games and sync between devices.

Think of Game Pass as the video game equivalent Netflix or Disney+. You get access to tons of games for a really low price, but you're at the mercy of whether or not Microsoft continues to host them. You won't be able to get any physical copies of the games. This is still a great deal if you like to play a wide variety of games or want to try something out without dropping $70.

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