Carbon Capture, eco-friendly sneakers

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Among French brands with an environmentally friendly hue, there is a product that often stands out: Faguo. If you've already purchased a few pieces from them, you'll also be helping to plant a few more trees on Earth. But the process doesn't end there.

The latest sneakers released by the brand continue this approach. Discover the newest addition to the house with us: Carbon Capture.

It is a novelty in the fashion world and its author is Faguo. Thanks to a unique industrial process, it can now convert CO2 into matter. In this way, greenhouse gases are greatly reduced and the brand becomes more part of the environmentally friendly approach.

In this article, we review the brand's newest sneakers: Carbon Capture. A unique model that will seduce you with both its design and ecological production. But first, let's do a small overview of the brand.

Is Faguo environmentally friendly?

It is no longer a secret that the fashion industry is one of the human activities that can disrupt the climate. Should we conclude that we shouldn't dress anymore? Not really.

Fashion in general and men's fashion in particular are ways of expressing a personality, a mood or a mood. So if we give up this aspect of our personal expression, we lose a lot. The solution is to dress responsibly.

The good news is that some brands have pioneered this responsible character to help us out. This situation is especially faguo. Concretely, the house has adopted the so-called Fair Fashion approach, thanks to which:

  • allows you to measure CO2 emissions associated with each product produced (useful for your carbon footprint);
  • uses less emitting modes of transport (sea transport prioritized, aviation banned);
  • using recycled and recyclable packaging;
  • conducts a tree planting program for each product purchased;
  • guaranteeing socially acceptable production conditions.

In short, the brand is known today for its environmentally friendly approach. This is a good reference to keep in mind if you want to reconcile personal style with the climate emergency.

Now that you've (re)discovered the brand's approach, let's move on to its new creation: Carbon Capture.

Carbon Capture: how is it done?

Designed with Flexway® sole technology, these sneakers offer unique comfort thanks to soft cushioning that follows the movement of the foot while walking. Every detail has been carefully considered to guarantee a pleasant experience: Injected filon gives unmatched lightness, while 15% natural and recycled rubber cutouts ensure stability and grip on the ground.

But that's not all! Carbon Capture sneakers go far beyond their design and exceptional comfort. As mentioned in the introduction, these sneakers also reflect the French brand's commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. In fact, these sneakers are produced using a revolutionary bio-recycling process with regenerative purposes. OK, we may be speaking Chinese to you, so simply put:

CO2 emissions are converted into ethanol, which is then used in a biorecycled material to make the upper of the shoe. This innovative approach, developed in partnership with Lanzatech, makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 15% compared to traditional materials.

Much more than a pair of classic sneakers, Faguo Carbon Capture allows you to embrace a responsible lifestyle! Moreover, we must admit that this couple is very stylish…

Small bonuses:

– They are certified vegan by PETA,

– the packaging is recycled AND recyclable,

– A tree is planted for every pair purchased.

How to wear your Faguo Carbon Capture sneakers?

Faguo Carbon Capture sneakers are not just an environmental statement, but also a conscious style choice.

With its contemporary design and trendy colors, these sneakers match perfectly with casual or more formal outfits. Pair these with jeans, t-shirts and t-shirts Casquette Faguo for a casual look or create an elegant contrast with a dressier outfit like chinos and a white shirt.

As we explained before, thanks to the Flexway sole, you will benefit from incredible comfort that will allow you to spend a day without your feet hurting. And this is a really positive point! Because sneakers cause pain in ankles, knees or toes, we're sure you all have a pair at the back of your closet. And… it also stays at the bottom of the cabinet. You won't have this problem with Faguo's Carbon Capture feature!

Sustainable fashion: The benefit of wearing eco-friendly sneakers

The world is becoming increasingly aware of its ecological footprint. We believe it is never too late to take action! And according to the latest trends and innovations in fashion, we are not the only ones.

This is what we call sustainable fashion. Yet it remains fashionable; Only the environmental and social dimension is at the center of every project. That's why today we find clothing, accessories and shoes bearing the environmentally friendly label. For men who are concerned about the future of our planet, you will no longer have any difficulties dressing in eco-designed materials.

With sustainable fashion, if the trends remain the same, the entire system behind it is being redesigned to act in favor of the Earth. Faguo, in particular, is an important player in this transition and stands out with his commitment to environmental protection. We could see this in the new pair of Carbon Capture sneakers, which use innovative technologies to minimize the impact on the planet.

So you see, ecology is not a fashion story. This is a life story. By choosing shoes or clothing produced ethically and environmentally friendly, we help preserve natural resources and reduce carbon emissions associated with the fashion industry. And if you knew how this industry affects our planet, you wouldn't hesitate for a second before switching to exclusively sustainable fashion.

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