Château du Nessay: absolute relaxation!

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There are places where we leave with a little pain inside. Places we want to find as soon as the next opportunity arises. They are mostly rare and stay with us for a long time. To a hotel in Koh Tao, a house in Ischia or ” cabin » In the National Park Joshua Tree.

You don't have to go far to feel it. You can only travel 3 hours from Paris. Direction Saint-Briac and steep vistas plunging into the sea. A short journey and here we are. Nessay peninsulaIn front of the castle is a magnificent building built in the late 19th century on the site of an old fortified castle.

In this magnificent building that brings together the total 17 roomsWith our feet in the water, we find the real warm atmosphere of a family home. We are far from the classic luxury hotel. Here we are looked after with kindness and closeness, but we are not intervened.

The front door is the door of a house. The reception is a simple office. Access to the bar is provided through a living room that resembles the living room of a very private house. There are 9 bedrooms and 2 suites on the upper floor, all with sea views. How can you miss the sea from this peninsula? Besides the castle, an annex to the west offers 2 magnificent bedrooms that offer a unique awakening, located on the beach and overlooking the sea. A house a few minutes from the castle completes the selection.

The rooms are beautiful and comfortable. Meticulously furnished and decorated. Calmness is absolute. It's hard to be calmer than a place surrounded by water. I recommend not skipping breakfast after the night has passed. It's all there again It's like home, only better. Pancakes and scrambled eggs are made fresh. Honey is local, as are homemade spreads. Pastries “ Nessay patisserie“A tea room has recently opened as an extension of the hotel.

Here is a new, unforgettably simple experience that I will add to the table of my beautiful memories.

Le Nessay
Bd du Bechay, 35800 Saint-Briac-sur-Mer

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