Concord's $40 price has been announced, now available for pre-order

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Firewalk Studios

Firewalk Studios announced the price of the game to be published by PlayStation Rapport Players interested in the hero shooter can now pre-order on Thursday.

The price of the standard version of the game will be $40 for both the digital and physical edition, while the deluxe edition will be sold to players for $60. Inside Post on the PlayStation blogPam Piscitello, Firewalk's marketing manager, said the standard edition will offer all 16 playable characters, 12 maps and six game modes. The deluxe edition is aimed at players who want a little more, more cosmetics, and early access to play 72 hours before the game's launch on August 23.

Deluxe owners will also have early access to the beta and can bring up to four friends. This gameplay period will be on both PlayStation 5 and PC and will take place in July. However, those who haven't purchased the deluxe edition can still join the open beta, with more details coming soon. Rapport now available for purchase at: PlayStation Store For PlayStation 5. It will be available on PC but is not available on Steam or the Epic Games Store as of the time the store pages go live.

Rapport'$40 price looks like this Hell Divers 2A surprise third-person shooter game developed by developer Arrowhead Game Studios and published by PlayStation. The price of this game is set at $40; This is lower than the $70 price tag currently typical for major releases. This not only makes it easier for players to get involved in the game, but also leaves room in the budget for some optional microtransactions. Hell Divers 2 There are Super Credits that players can purchase for cosmetics, but these can also be earned by playing missions. Rapport There are also cosmetics available for purchase, but everything you need will be in the regular standard version.

In a recent financial report, Sony stated: Hell Divers 2 Became the fastest-selling PlayStation game everIt reached 12 million sales in the first 12 weeks. Not only will the pricing be similar, but there will also be cross-play compatibility so PlayStation and PC users can play together. It is currently unclear whether a PlayStation Network account will be required for PC players. The store page explains that a PSN account and PlayStation Plus membership are required to play online on PS5. Rumor has it that PC gamers will Although this is unconfirmed, you do need a PSN account and this would be an unpopular decision as this has happened recently. Hell Divers 2 Discussion is any indication.

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