Development of the library room

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Our library room comes together beautifully. I wrote over the summer about my plans to make it dark blue and moody. And so far I'm on the right track! And today I wanted to share with you the development of the library. It's not finished yet, but it's on the right track. And as they say, good things take time, so I'm not in a rush to buy everything, I carefully source each item.

And so?

Library wall color

I finally painted the entire room, including the ceiling; It was a bold move and it eventually paid off. I love the color!!! name of color English Channel by Behrand I couldn't be happier. It suits this room very well!

Painting was a little difficult as the shelves and floors were previously painted with oil-based paint. Nothing is unfixable; I had to go the extra step and get everything ready, which was a pain but doable.

To make my job easier, Graco spray painter. And oh my god, I'm in love! You can read how to use it in my article here. It's about all the mistakes I learned throughout the process; An interesting read if you plan to tackle a similar project.


Chris Loves I love the balloon chandelier Julia uses in her office. Unfortunately it's out of my budget so I found a more affordable alternative. And I love it!

It took a while to wait for an electrician and when he arrived we found that the wiring and box were very old and needed replacing. The problem is that the old box is centered and cannot be removed, so we had to move the box to the left. This caused the chandelier to hang and not be centered. What a disappointment! It wouldn't be visible if there wasn't this plaster ornament on the ceiling, but there is and the chandelier looks very off-center.

The electrician is coming back so we (and I mean him) can come up with a creative solution and fix this problem.

I swear I woke up one night thinking the chandelier wasn't centered. Haha, I think this would bother everyone.


This painting of a woman was a gift from my father for graduating from music school. It is very valuable to me and it works in space, but it also brings a different atmosphere that I want. So I plan to replace it with a more moody one.

This lady painting didn't have a stretcher so I had to make a new one but it was easy.

The new painting also needs some work, but of a different kind. I bought it at auction for $40 or $50 with the idea of ​​repairing the frame. This is still a work in progress, but hopefully I can achieve it soon.

I hung this picture light I found on Amazon; a cheap alternative to the light I wanted.


I have it too this stick And curtain clips From Amazon. I think the rod fits perfectly. I bought the curtains from the playroom and they have to go when the real curtains arrive. I was sure I wanted white curtains, but after hanging them, I realized that if I wanted a moody vibe, I needed dark, heavy curtains. Maybe dark blue?

Any other suggestions?


I want two orange leather armchairs as you see on my mood board. The ones in the photo are long gone (I think they were in class 1 for $4000 each), so I'm on the hunt for the perfect leather chairs. Something tells me it might take a while to find them. But as I said before, all good things are worth the wait. I'd buy the perfect chairs that I love, rather than compromise on something I'd hate to look at later.

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I feel like I can come up with some small decor items, but the chairs will need to be correct.

Can you see my vision yet?

This round table was one of the finds. Facebook markete and I loved it; The details are dazzling and the unique legs add an exciting element to it.

The lamp also scored in the auction and I love how the white shade pops out in the dark. The glass bubble base connects it to the chandelier, creating a unified space.

There is still much to be done in this library room; It's like buying a rug and my perfect leather chairs and deciding on curtains, but I'm enjoying the process and executing it one piece at a time.

What are you thinking? Can you see my final vision, or is it hard to imagine yet?


Wish me luck! You can follow the renovation process on my Instagram account. @ifonlyapril to see behind the scenes.



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