Did skinny jeans kill male fertility?

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Hidden behind this witty title is a real concern (euphemism) for fertility among men: It seems our sperm is flowing less than before. We talked about this with my friend Pierre while he was swallowing his mouth. fertility vitamins for men. We went to law school together and he always wore BB Brunes-era skinny jeans, you know.

At that time, we were already making fun of these trousers that heated our private parts and did not allow us to breathe: “You will eventually kill your sperm.” But for Pierre it is true and painful.

He explains this to me while taking Perrier and his pills, nutritional supplements for male fertility. No alcohol for her tonight: She and her partner are trying to get pregnant. It's still the same since 2007.

They would go out in the evenings and spend time. They traveled a lot. They got married. But today she confesses to me that they have been trying to have a child for 5 years. It was a shock to me when she told me about the infertility epidemic (worthy of The Handmaid's Tale ).

I clearly saw the falling birth figures. But I didn't know it was like that
Having children is also difficult.

Fashion: The enemy of male fertility?

If you follow Verygoodlord closely, you know that I have never been a fan of the extreme moulax style. We need to be comfortable in our clothes. Of course, Speedo is normal in the pool (you know Speedo has a variety of swimsuits too, right?) But why would we pinch our private parts when we run, work, walk, sit in front of our computer?

Global warming is attacking our reproductive system: our sperm need a constant temperature to stay cool. Hence summer trousers: linen trousers, shorts, bermuda shorts, cropped trousers (this is just to see if you were following: even Nadal no longer wore them at the end of his career, it is forbidden). Especially in the summer months, I can only invite you to choose breathable materials for your trousers.

Back to our drink on the terrace: Pierre does not drink alcohol. And it teaches me a lesson about fertility, or more specifically, about the decline of fertility among men in the world.

“I am not infertile: my sperm are lazy! »

Among men, we don't talk about these things much, even though we should. I was lucky to have my son easily, but I learned that 1 in 6 couples have difficulty conceiving. I find this huge. This is the case of Pierre and his partner. Having children seems like a difficult process for them. They tried the natural way first. After 12 months of not getting pregnant, the gynecologist tells them it's infertility.

He does tests, takes spermograms. An exam to analyze the mobility and strength of little Usain Bolt. Clearly their sperm is on the attack. She laughs about it there but admits to me that it's a hassle because everything in her life as a couple revolves around the arrival of this baby.

His wife had not become pregnant for more than two years. But she miscarried once, then twice, then three times. She takes vitamins to get pregnant. Tried everything on the market. Most of the time, when he's had a drink or two or eaten too much meat, she blames him for not being involved enough.

He's been in super warrior mode for the past month: he's back in the sport. He no longer has alcohol, has more vegetables on his plate, and takes herbal male fertility vitamins. I knew you should eat oysters, I had read the list of ingredients to increase libido, but I wasn't aware of it for fertility. (Take a look at the Vitamins site
pregnancy boomeparis.com if this interests you).

I finished my glass of Burgundy as I listened to her tell me about this obstacle course to having children. Other infertile couples who decide to adopt to have a baby. Of waiting for each new pregnancy test.

We stopped cursing global warming, Hedi Slimane and slim jeans. I don't know yet if my son will have a brother or sister. But at least thanks to Pierre, I will know that there are fertility vitamins for men.

If you are in this situation, encourage you (and your couple). I hope you can quickly read articles like my Stokke “Yoyo” stroller review.


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