DIY toddler learning tower kitchen stool. IKEA hack

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I wanted to build a small learning tower for my children. I wanted to do this twice. When my kids are old enough to fall off their chairs like there's no tomorrow. I got caught up in different projects and never did it. A friend of mine asked me to build a small learning tower for her daughter.

And I said absolutely yes!

Here's an IKEA hack that anyone can do! I was thinking of using a Kreg jig for this project but realized not all of you have it. So I went a different route and made this toddler learning tower with fewer tools possible.

You pretty much only need a drill and saw. Any type of saw that makes straight cuts.

Or you can always ask Home Depot to cut it for you. There isn't much of a cut and I'm sure they'll do it for free. They usually charge me 50 cents after the first two cuts, but even on the days I didn't have a saw at home, no one charged me. So put a big smile on your face, be nice, and I'm sure the nice guys at Home Depot won't say no to you.

This is a very beginner friendly project and I will walk you step by step on how to make this toddler learning tower with an IKEA step stool.

You can purchase the step-by-step 3D plan as a PDF file here for a small fee..

toddler learning tower




Step 1. Join the sides

After making cuts on the wood. With your miter saw or help from the Home Depot guys 😉, join the edges together first.

To assemble one side, take two 1x2x15″ boards and connect them to two 1x3x6″ boards. Use the right clamp (a corner clamp would work best, but I didn't have one so I used the long one) and wood glue.

Drill pilot holes first. They will prevent the wood from chipping and use a countersink bit which will provide nice placement for the screws. Then tighten the 2 ½” screws.

I already told you my YouTube channel I love these star head screws. They are much more durable and have less chance of going off grid.

Make another side using the same method.


toddler learning tower

Step 2. Connect the sides

Use a 12 ½” board to attach the sides. Follow the same steps as to attach the sides; use wood glue, screws, countersink bit, and check for squareness.

Once one side is assembled, insert a dowel into the front.

Step 3. Connect the tower to the IKEA stool

I had already assembled a chair so I had to cover the top. If you're using a brand new IKEA stool, assemble it until the last step.

Take the top part of the stool and attach the tower to it. Then turn it upside down and attach the top of the stool to the tower using 2” screws.

Step 4. Finish as you wish

I decided to paint it with Rustoleum's Ivory silk color. I used spray paint because I didn't want to waste time painting by hand.

The first layer I applied was primer. Once it was dry, I used a can of colored paint and the toddler learning tower was ready!

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