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Our new house doesn't have a storage closet that I'm used to. But we were lucky and the garage was very deep, two cars could fit inside. Since we only have one car and are usually too lazy to take it to the garage, I decided that we would use this space for storage. I needed shelves to store all the items we don't use on a daily basis. These plans for DIY easy garage shelves were exactly what I needed.

You know, when you start moving you realize how much you have. Even though I went through all of our belongings and got rid of a lot of stuff (Hello, Facebook marketplace), we still had a lot of stuff. I'm talking Christmas decorations, camping gear, hiking, snowboarding, my husband's extensive DVD collection, Halloween costumes, and a bunch of other things you don't need right now but are looking for sometime during the year.

I didn't want to keep everything in boxes like in our previous house. Marie Condo changed my perspective on clutter and organization 😉 So I decided to stock up on cheap plastic containers from Walmart and put them on the shelves.

My research on shelving units was fruitless because I didn't want to spend $100 for 2ft shelf This won't fit all our belongings.

Is it cheaper to buy or build garage shelving?

Even though lumber prices are high these days, building garage shelving is definitely cheaper than buying pre-made ones. You just need to make sure you do everything right the first time and don't run to the store to buy extra supplies.

If you're building garage shelves yourself, you can customize them to the right size to fit your space rather than purchasing standard sizes.

Easy DIY garage shelving plans

There are many other shelving unit plans online, but this is the BEST! Trust me!

I found this absolutely amazing, so easy to make Plans for garage shelving from Ana White. If you follow me you've probably noticed that I use a lot of his schemes. He is simply AMAZING and comes up with very easy, functional plans. You can check out the video on how to make these shelves. Here.

It blows my mind how easy it is. took me in general about an hour to make them. Since discovering that I didn't have nails and that it wasn't drywall I was dealing with, I spent most of this time trying to figure out how to put screws into cinder block and what screws to use.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $40

Difficulty: Beginner

How to install screws into a cinder block

To get to know the subject better, take a look here: this helpful video. I went to my local hardware store and bought special screws and a drill bit for this type of wall. Once the holes were drilled it was relatively easy to insert the screws. Be aware of the black powder that comes out when you drill into the cinder block. It didn't seem healthy to breathe or walk around, so I quickly cleaned up using my store broom.

How long and wide should garage shelves be?

After I was done with the screws in the cinder block, I built the shelves following Ana's instructions. I measured my container boxes and customized these shelves to the dimensions I needed. Ana recommends using 8ft, 10ft or 12ft to optimize wood usage. I used 8ft as longer boards wouldn't fit in my car and I didn't want to pay delivery fees. After all, we are trying to save on shelf costs, not spend tons of money on materials.

I finally started using it 10 pieces of 2x4x96″ boards and a sheet of 15/32 x 4 x 8 inch plywood that I had at Home Depot cut into 3 pieces for me to make the shelf.

It's so easy and cheap that anyone can do it! DIY easy garage shelves are a great alternative to store-bought shelves because they give you the option to customize them to fit your boxes and also provide more storage space.

Watch how I built a shelf on the other wall of my garage In this video

If you're interested in more ideas on how to organize your garage (and save your sanity), I've written about 10 DIY garage shelving ideas. I think you will find it useful!


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