Easy small pantry makeover on a budget plan

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I recently completed my first room makeover. I revamped the display on the porch for the One Room Challenge. Haven't you seen it yet? What are you thinking? My next project comes out of necessity. I was so tired of looking at the mess in my pantry that I decided to change it up. If you're looking for small pantry ideas, let's talk about our small pantry design plans.

Screened in porch I recently renovated

mood board

Budget: under $80

This is the general direction I want to go; interesting pattern with vines, warm green color matches warm wood shelves (probably Early American).

I saw these 2 beautiful wallpaper options from Magnolia and had a hard time deciding which one I liked better. When I emailed a project proposal to my landlord, he liked both but was more inclined towards one. I'll show you which one we chose in a few days 🤗

I love this green color and think it will match perfectly with the chosen wallpaper. As for the baskets and containers, I don't know what to do yet.

Of course, all the glass jars look amazing on Pinterest. I'm not sure how practical it will be for our family. I have yet to find the perfect organizational solution.

I think it would be great if I removed one of the shelves and added two instead as part of this solution. This high space (13″) between each one is not very functional. Most of the containers are quite low and it's basically a waste of space. I need to figure out how to solve this.

I'm thinking of adding a sheet of ¼” plywood to the top of these shelves and adding a piece on the front to cover the edges. That's an idea!


Here's what the pantry looks like now. No judgment, please😁 Since I was so busy with other projects, whenever I came back with groceries, I would just shovel them into the cupboard, close the door, and call it a day. But that's about to change soon!

You promised not to judge 😀

Design boards are very useful for starting a room renovation and deciding on some major elements, but I always remain open to change as a project evolves. I can't wait to see this bathroom come together!

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