Eldern Ring: How to defeat Furnace Golems

A furnace golem appears in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.
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If you remember Tree Sentry ruining your day when you first started Ring of Fire, Then the Furnace Golem is here to remind you that even your over-leveled character cannot pass easily Shadow Erdtree's. These high hells are scary and dangerous, but they are not invincible. They're not technically a new boss, but you could be forgiven for mistaking them for a boss after they defeat you in an attack or two.

There are several of these massive creatures roaming the Shadow Realm, so you'd better get familiar with how to defeat them. These are our best tactics for defeating Oven Golems, and what sweet loot awaits you when you finally defeat a Golem.

How to defeat Furnace Golems

A rider approaching a flame golem Shadow of the Erdtree.

The one good thing about Furnace Golems is that they are so big that you can always control when you encounter them; there is no way anyone can sneak up on you. This leaves you with enough time to prepare for battle, namely to gather a few important items.

First, Heavy Fire Cauldrons and Heavy Furnace Cauldrons are critical for facing Furnace Golems. You might not think fire-based items would be super effective against a giant flaming monster, but trust us. The only tricky part is that you have to use the environment to get the angle to throw one into the basket on the Golem's head to do any meaningful damage.

Once the fight begins, your strategy will fall into one of two categories. If you're a melee fighter, get in close and stay close to their legs. This is the only part where you can deal damage, but it's also safe from massive ranged attacks. However, it will put you at risk of being subjected to fiery shockwave stop motions. When you see him rear up to crush you, call Torrent and double jump over the explosion. If he does a full jump with both feet, move as far as possible because this explosion is much bigger and harder to avoid.

Eventually your blows to the legs will cause him to fall. At this point, throw more Fire Pots or Kiln Pots at your head if you have them, or go to town wearing your melee weapon and mask. You will need to do this twice to finish it completely.

If you're a ranged fighter who uses spells, miracles, or bows, then you can go straight for the mask from the start. This might be a safer method if you stay on Torrent and wander around.

No matter what tactic you try, extinguishing this Furance Golem's flame once and for all rewards you with 10,000 or more runes, a Crystal Tear, and the Furnace Show. Crystal Tear is a new item you can use with your Flask of Wonderous Physick, and Furnace Liner is a crafting component for Heavy Furnace Cauldrons so you can restock for your next Golem.

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