Embracer has reportedly canceled a new Red Faction game

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A new report reveals that Embracer Group-owned developer Fishlabs was working on a new Red Faction game, but the project was canceled ahead of layoffs.

According to a Special report from Rock Paper Shotgun Released on Thursday, the German developer developed and released its latest. Choir He was working on a number of projects in 2021, one of which was the Red Factions prototype.

After that ChoirThe studio was working on two projects codenamed Project Black and Project White. The first was an original intellectual property featuring a brother and sister trying to escape a strange corruption on another planet. However, there was a troublesome development in the game and it was cancelled. The latter was considered a “side hustle” as team members submitted a range of projects. One of them was a Red Faction game. Red Group: Guerrilla From 2009 with destructible environments and a more open gameplay style.

However, there were some problems. Although morale was “good,” according to the article's sources, Embracer shut down original Red Faction creator Volition after releasing a new version in 2023. Row of Saints Sources said developing a game after this felt “scary.” In addition, the studio repeatedly pitched the game to its parent company Plaion (formerly Koch Media, owned by Embracer Group) with increasingly elaborate tactics, including cosplay and fake trailers.

After an internal vote, the game was canceled and Fishlabs was told to fire people not involved in the current project. The company currently operates as a support studio for other Embracer projects.

Fish Laboratories (previous) faced layoffs This guts the company in 2023 – around 50 positions. While this appeared to be a response to Red Faction's cancellation, it was also part of a larger effort by parent company Embracer Group following a $2 billion deal with Saudi Arabia-based Savvy Games Group that went south. Embracer recently shut down developer Pieces Interactive. alone in the dark redo.

This is also part of a larger wave of layoffs and closures in the video game industry that is affecting major companies like Microsoft, EA and more.

As for the Red Faction series, no games have been released since then. Red Faction: Armageddon In 2011, Volition acquired the intellectual property rights, but with Volition now closed, the possibility of a future game is uncertain.

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