Enshrouded gets its most requested feature with the new update

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Open world survival game covered's next major update is a big one, not only bringing the long-requested server feature but also adding more fun activities and a new area.

Developer Keen Games has released updates for episodes 13-15 in the “Melodies of Mire” update. introduced a new sub-biome called Blackmire for players at higher levels. There will be new quests and materials for players to uncover. Update on the game's website He even teases a new survivor you can bring to your camp. Keen has also added handmade musical instruments for the first time, so you can live out your medieval fantasy with a lute session around the campfire.

But the other big change is something players have been asking for since launch: player-based mission progression. I am following covered Some of the game's most requested features since launch have included servers that allow for up to 16 players. While you can play the game alone, the fun is in playing with other people, encountering them as you explore, or letting someone work on your base while someone else gathers supplies. But if a player on the server completed a quest, no one else there would be able to experience it. You can see how having server-based quest progression instead of player-based could be a problem.

Servers will also get more features in the update; specifically permission settings that allow players to set individual passwords for others participating. Elsewhere, more customization has been requested from players, and the update introduces a new vanity system that will help players customize their loadout without having to tweak stats.

covered It made a big splash at its early access launch in January. While the game was a bit simplistic, it offered an incredibly detailed and easy-to-use base build and a world filled with mysterious mist that would kill you within five minutes. Keen relies on a lot of user feedback for updates, and has even released an update. Comprehensive roadmap for the rest of 2024 With additions like Steam Deck support, portals to other servers and more.

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