Former PS exclusive Kena: Bridge of Spirits is coming to Xbox

Unredacted documents sent and made publicly available as part of the ongoing Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit with Microsoft have led to the largest leak in video game history.
A multitude of files have revealed deep secrets about Xbox's plans for much of the next decade, giving us an unprecedented insight into what the gaming giant has on the horizon. These include information about upcoming hardware refreshes, next-gen consoles, and yet-to-be-announced Bethesda games, as well as a new look at Microsoft's acquisition targets. There's a lot to cover, so we've put together five essentials you'll want to know.
A new Xbox Series X model is coming next year
The most shocking thing leaked as part of the trial is a new Xbox Series X model. Referred to as “Brooklin – Xbox Series X Refresh” in leaked documents, it's a diskless, cylindrical version of the Xbox Series Fi, PSU, standby and more. An upgraded Xbox Series S codenamed Ellewood may also be in the works and could launch before Brooklin.
If Microsoft still follows the plan laid out in this “Roadmap to 2030” document created in May 2022, it will launch Brooklin in late October 2024 for $500. If Microsoft is still planning to release Brooklin next year, this would contradict recent statements from Xbox chief Phil Spencer, who was negative about the idea of ​​a mid-generation refresh in Gamescom interviews. It's possible that Microsoft's plans have changed since these leaked documents were prepared, but if they haven't, we now know what to expect in terms of Microsoft's console refreshes.
A new Xbox controller is being worked on
A new version of the Xbox Series X controller is also being introduced throughout this Brooklin leak. The Xbox Series X controller is great, but it lacks the unique features of controllers like DualSense or Joy-Cons, so it makes sense that Microsoft would want to change that. This controller, called “Sebile – New Xbox Controller”, can pair and connect to the cloud seamlessly.
It will also feature haptic feedback, accelerometer gyroscope, quieter buttons, modular control sticks, a rechargeable and replaceable battery, and the ability to wake up simply by lifting. The same roadmap that lists launch windows for Brooklin and Ellewood says the Sebile controller will be available in late May 2024 for $70.
First details about Microsoft's next-generation console leak
It's hard to believe that we're almost three years into this console generation and Microsoft is planning the next major console release, but that's the way it is. Unfortunately, Microsoft's current technical goals for the platform were also included in this leak. A leaked document states that Microsoft's ultimate goal is to “develop a next-generation hybrid gaming platform that can leverage the combined power of the client and cloud to deliver deeper immersion and entirely new classes of gaming experiences.”
In practice, a list of technical improvements reveals that we can expect an ARM64 CPU that balances large and small cores, a co-designed GPU with AMD, and “an NPU that balances the desire for high performance with flexible, programmable ML silicon for targeted workloads” as well as more It offers good ray tracing, global illumination, micropolygon rendering, and ML-based Super Resolution support. Microsoft is also talking about a “thin OS” aimed at cheaper consumer and portable devices, likely for cloud gaming.
This next-generation console is currently scheduled for release in 2028.
Several upcoming Bethesda game leaks

That's enough about the hardware; Several upcoming Bethesda games have also been leaked. A 2020 document outlining Bethesda's gaming roadmap through fiscal 2024 includes some games we don't know about. The list includes games we know, such as MachineGames' Indiana Jones project, as well as several codenamed projects, remasters of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, the sequel of GhostWire: Tokyo, Doom Year Zero and Dishonored 3.
Another document also confirmed that The Elder Scrolls VI will not be released until at least 2026. Some of these games missed the release windows listed in the documentation, so it's very possible that these dates are no longer accurate and some of them won't be released at all. Still, it provides a clear picture of what was being developed at Bethesda just a few years ago and provides insight into the roster that convinced Microsoft to purchase Bethesda in the first place.
Microsoft, Nintendo and Warner Bros. Considered purchasing Interactive
A leaked email from 2020 gives some insight into Spencer's acquisition targets at this point. So, it seems like he would love to buy Nintendo as it would be a “career moment” for him.
“I completely agree that Nintendo is our most important asset in gaming, and I think gaming is our most likely path to consumer interest today,” he wrote. “I've had numerous conversations with Nintendo's LT about closer collaboration, and I feel like if any US company has a chance with Nintendo, we're probably in the best position… At some point, acquiring Nintendo could be a career moment,” and frankly “I believe it is a good move for both companies.”
Ultimately, Spencer didn't want a hostile takeover of Nintendo, so he decided to play the “long game” when it came to buying it. The same email was also sent to Microsoft's Warner Bros. He also reveals interest in purchasing Interactive around the same time as Bethesda; Spencer is as keen on acquiring Valve as Nintendo, although the lack of any WB IP ownership may have been his undoing.
It's worth noting that this email is from over three years ago, and these acquisition targets may have been suppressed due to changing economic conditions and the difficult and expensive process of acquiring Activision Blizzard.

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