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There are some video games that seem impossible to follow. This was also the case in 2021 Before Your Eyes, an incredibly unique indie that controls players by blinking, thanks to eye-tracking technology. This is a thematically masterful game that turns “blink and you'll miss it” into a gameplay mechanic. An excellent idea; almost too perfect. How can you match something so tightly crafted?

The developers at Nice Dream knew better than anyone how challenging this would be. Rather than telling the same story twice, the studio knew it needed to be a concept that was both more creative and perhaps a little less over-the-top. The end result of this thinking is something that is both familiar and completely out of left field: good night universe. While developing Nice Dream's facial tracking technology, the story veers more towards screwball comedy as players take control of a psychic doll at the center of a sci-fi mystery. This change seems to be working; The project has already won its first award at this year's Tribeca Fest, beating out highly anticipated indies such as: Skate Story And Neva.

I can already see why. I took a hands-on (or rather direct) look at good night universe It shows how far the facial tracking control scheme at Tribeca Fest has improved. Although it's not a perfect visual metaphor Before Your Eyes Beautiful Dream makes some surprising connections here between parenting and game design that can pack another emotional punch.

Spiritual sequels

Before Your Eyes It was a long project for Nice Dream. Although it is a movie-length game, it took the studio seven years to produce. While this success motivated the team to follow through, it was also a bit of a burden. Trying to fit a very specific control scheme created specifically for one game into another will present a creative challenge. As creative director and writer Graham Parkes told me at Tribeca Fest, the team will need to stop talking about: Before Your Eyes at some point:

“Don't bring up your ex-girlfriend when you're trying to date someone new,” Parkes told Digital Trends.

Before Your Eyes “It's a very excellent and concise idea,” he says. “I think we've all been truly served by Will. [Wellwarth]'s initial concept is very strong. That's why I joined the project as a writer all those years ago. I guess we had to go, okay we'll never go through anything like this again, it's a perfect mechanical metaphor of trying to hold on to a memory and you blink and it goes on. But as we were developing it, we thought it could be a great action game with winks. It can be really cool in a tactile way. And because of the metaphor Before Your EyesWe haven't been able to discover some of the other facial tracking examples that are simple tactile pleasures rather than making you feel like you have psychic powers.

Every parent is a game designer.

The team started working at two separate sites and both reached the prototype stage. But the psychic doll idea wouldn't take off until lead game designer Bela Messex became a father himself. While raising her daughter, Messex began to feel a surprising connection between game design and parenting that would plant the seeds for more.

“Every parent is a game designer,” Messex tells Digital Trends. “Every parent has to protect their children from falling off the ground or falling down the stairs. If you tell your kids to put their pants on, they won't put their pants on. But 'Do you want to wear the pink pants or the blue pants?' Then you give them a choice and feel like they have a say in the matter. This really works with kids, and it really works with actors, too. Game design and parenting informed each other a lot.”

In Goodnight Universe, a baby holds up a bottle.
Sky Bound Games

The team initially toyed with the idea of ​​a child with psychic abilities, but Parkes felt the idea was too far-fetched. But the idea evolved further as Bela's daughter visited the studio. The idea of ​​an all-powerful doll felt more original and would have given the studio plenty of opportunities to play with the face-tracking control scheme outside of winking. The team may not have set out to make a direct evolution. Before Your Eyesbut that's where fate leads them.

“If you try not to make a sequel, you end up making a moral sequel,” says Parkes.

boss baby

The 20-minute demo I played at Tribeca Fest will give me insight into how Nice Dream is evolving Before Your Eyes' formula. There are some direct similarities. I always watch a scene from the baby's perspective in first person. Instead of moving freely, I interact with a story. Blinking is part of the control scheme, but projects start to drift away from there, both in tone and control.

In Goodnight Universe, a girl thinks about her little sister.
Sky Bound Games

For one, Goodnight Universe has a larger comedic streak. This is partly because the baby hero is greeted with a harsh tone (“I've never even seen it before”) Boss Baby“says Parkes, unprompted). Beyond that, the adventure is based on slapstick, tongue-in-cheek comedy enhanced by technology. When I first discovered my powers, I could blink to change channels on television. I later discovered I could keep my eyes closed to levitate objects. The webcam allowed me to smile, which I could use to answer questions.” and it can even detect my eyebrows. Nice Dream makes much more use of face detection, this time with creative results.

“As gamers, we use our hands almost exclusively for gaming,” says Messex. “When you take another part of the body that people are not used to using, the feeling of being part of the game is renewed. What we've spent so much time doing is trying to make it less of a gimmick and more fair for the player. We want it to be something where we don't have to mess with you; We want to be respectful of your body.”

Have you ever heard the expression 'they grow too fast'? That's literally what they do.

Part of being respectful is making sure the technology isn't disruptive to players. In the current build, players can move objects (including a very promiscuous beagle) by swiping their mouse. The team initially tried to have players control this by nodding, but found this was too difficult. But this idea may come back. Parkes points out that the team is being very flexible this time because they aren't exactly sure which platforms the game will eventually be released on (Before Your Eyes It would get mobile and VR ports after its PC launch). Although it has a deep enough development process to win awards, the project is still in pre-alpha stage and does not have a playable, end-to-end ready structure. Nice Dream's experiments are not yet complete.

Part of the appeal here is how the studio can turn baby behavior into play. Despite the sci-fi premise, parents are likely to find here a relatable story about how babies always find a way to get into trouble. One of the key set pieces in my demo involved me accidentally setting a basement on fire after a train track play session went wrong (turns out levitating a pile of computers with your mind isn't safe). The team tapped Messex's expertise to help create such scenarios, but found his parenting quickly outpaced the game's development cycle.

“It's funny to watch fatherhood with Bela from a distance,” says Parkes. “Bela was our resident father with probing questions. 'What is it like to feed a 6-month-old child?' I thought. And he said, 'I don't remember! Now I am raising a 2 year old! He was 6 months old for a month!

“Have you ever heard the expression, 'They grow too fast?' They literally do this,” says Messex.

In the Goodnight Universe, a baby moves toys with his mind.
Sky Bound Games

My demo ends with an enticing teaser of a wilder sci-fi story. After the train crash, I woke up in my crib and found myself being fed milk by a robotic arm. My crib began to move, but I realized I had been placed in some sort of research facility. Parkes and Messex are remaining tight-lipped about where the story will go, even stating that revealing its thematic purpose would be a bit of a spoiler, but fans of the story Before Your Eyes Must be exciting. The team confirms that the story still has a humanistic heart, along with its outside story. This approach shows that Beautiful Dream is not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. good night universe; It stays true to what made its last game such a surprise hit, while giving birth to something entirely new.

“When you see a baby, you think of children [game]” says Parkes. “We're playing Terrence Malick's baby game.”

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