Google was responsible for Nintendo game leaks, report says

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Some recent Nintendo leaks may have come from inside the house. According to this 404 MediaA Google employee with access to private YouTube videos leaked the information ahead of the official announcement.

The outlet reported Monday that it had obtained a copy of an internal Google database used to track security issues going back six years. One of the many incidents listed involved a Google employee who apparently “accessed private videos on Nintendo's YouTube account and leaked information ahead of Nintendo's planned announcements.”

According to the article, an internal investigation found that the alleged privacy invasion was “unintentional.” It's also unclear what leak or leaks this might indicate.

This is just one of many privacy incidents detailed in the database that 404 Media received from an anonymous tipster and confirmed to be true. For example, in 2016, Google Street View systems hid license plate numbers from photographs. In another, Google's speech services recorded the voices of nearly 1,000 children during the launch of YouTube Kids.

Nintendo is known to be tight-lipped about its upcoming projects, and it's only gotten more so over the years. In a 2020 Wired articleA member of the Nintendo leak community said the company is becoming “increasingly aggressive” to combat potential leaks. The article itself is about a lawsuit filed against Ryan “RyanRocks” Hernandez, a specific leaker of information; Ryan “RyanRocks” Hernandez was sentenced to three years in prison later that year for crimes related in part to a “hacking scheme” against Nintendo (along with child pornography). He was found after his house was raided).

Nintendo also had to grapple with a massive information leak in 2020 known as the “Gigaleak,” where source code, prototype documents, unreleased graphics, and more surfaced on 4chan. Company president Shuntaro Furukawa said in 2022: The company increased security after the incident.

Yet, over the years, it has become more common for images of upcoming Nintendo releases to find their way online ahead of time. both Pokémon Scarlet and Violet And The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom It was leaked online a week or two before release.

But it's still pretty common for studios and publishers to upload newsworthy YouTube videos before they're published and specifically set them up so they don't show up in search results or on the channel's official page.

Leaks continue to be a major problem across the industry. Arguably the most high-profile leak occurred in 2022 Grand Theft Auto 6 images are leaked onto the internet. Information about Insomniac Games projects coming in 2023: Marvel's Wolverine, was leaked to the internet. Both were the result of major security breaches.

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