How to attach pegboard to a cinder block

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While renovating my garage and Ultimate machine tool making, I had a vision of installing a billboard on the wall. I thought it would be easy and I could screw it directly to the wall. It's not that easy since I have cinder block walls in my garage so I had to attach a pegboard to the cinder block or cement wall.

I met him for the first time last summer. I put storage shelves on the wall.

It's not complicated, but it does require some work. Let me explain how to attach a pegboard to a cinder block.


  • 3 – 1x3x8 (I used about 3 inch plywood because I didn't have one)
  • 4×8' Pegboard (the entire sheet didn't fit in the car, so I cut it in half at the store)
  • concrete screws
  • Masonry hammer drill bit

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How to attach pegboard to concrete wall?

1. Cut your board to length. Mine was 4ft long so it was easy.

You need to make a “frame” that will go under the pegboard.

I drilled holes with hammer drill bits and attached planks to the cinder blocks using concrete screws.

This part is the hardest! It takes some strength to drill the holes and I'm glad I won't have to do that again anytime soon.

2. Connect 3 boards together, creating a frame. You can also put it on the sides, but I got tired of drilling through concrete so I left it on horizontal planks.

3. Attach the board to the boards using small screws. Use larger head screws so they don't go through pegboard holes.

And you're done! You have yourself a board attached to cinder blocks.

What should we put in the middle?

I'm thinking of creating a logo and adding it there! And maybe for framing boards? Hmm… but that's for another time!!

Let's appreciate this Ultimate machine tool for a moment! Isn't it perfect? My god! I think this is great!!! If you haven't seen it yet, see how I did it.

If you would like to follow my garage renovation journey follow me on YouTube and watch it in the video!


Read how I made simple garage storage shelves for just $40 on lumber. find it here.

Here's an interesting blog about how I did it upgraded IKEA Alex drawers and also I made an easy table top from oak last summer.

I hope see you soon!

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