How to choose the right perfume for men?

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Perfume is one of the invisible features that allows us to distinguish ourselves from each other and express who we are. A true scent signature, perfume is an integral part of our wardrobe. just like clothing. It allows us to reveal our own style. However, like a beautiful piece that we choose carefully, we do not choose it by chance. That's good, if you're wondering how to choose perfume for men the Verygoodlord team is here to help you.

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Examples 👉🏻

history of perfume

The ancestor of perfume was invented from the moment when prehistoric man realized that different scents emerged when plants, tree bark or grass were thrown into the fire. It was not until Ancient Egypt that its use was perfected and democratized.. It is used in the form of oils, fats or ointments (editor's note: medicine based on resin, oily substances and various active ingredients, intended for application to the skin) for therapeutic purposes during sacred rituals and also for cosmetic purposes.

Afterwards, The Greeks and Romans turned perfume into a true art of livingIt is used abundantly in religious ceremonies, banquets and even baths. This is also a way for nobles to differentiate themselves. In the Middle Ages, perfume was used mainly for therapeutic purposes. For example, we use it to protect ourselves from the Black Death. It regained its cosmetic function after the Crusades. Nobles loved perfume made by distillation, a new process invented around 1320. The art of perfumery would reach its peak in Renaissance Venicebefore spreading to Paris in the 17th century. We would have to wait for technical advances in the 19th century to create synthetic fragrances.

As for legendary perfumes that left their mark on history and are still marketed, to this day we find Guerlain's L'heure Bleu in 1912, Chanel's legendary N°5 in 1921 and even Lanvin's Arpège in 1927.

legendary perfumes

perfume concentration

Navigating all the variants we research can sometimes be complicated.
It is found in perfumery. We can find real fresh water,
Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and even
even perfume essence. Where do these different names come from?
concentration of perfume in the bottle
. For simplicity,
The stronger the concentration of a perfume, the stronger it is.
and will obtain significant silage.

A simple summary of the different concentrations:

  • clean water : 1 to 3% perfume concentrate
  • Cologne : 2 to 4% perfume concentrate
  • Eau de toilette : 5 to 15% perfume concentrate
  • Perfume : 15 to 20% perfume concentrate
  • perfume essence : 20 to 40% perfume concentrate

Chez Classic Shaving :
See Eau de Toilette
See eau de parfum
See colognes

Once this concept of concentration is acquired, it is appropriate to move on to the layering of perfume.

Making a perfume

We talk about the olfactory pyramid to describe the structure of a perfume. This pyramid is divided into three stages or three layers.

The first stage corresponds to the top notesthe things we perceive when the perfume dissipates. Usually these fresh and volatile notes are temporary.

Heart notes follow immediatelyIt is called roundness or curves by experts. These are the notes that act as a bridge between the lead and background notes.

Finally background notes are the most dense and intense. They form the signature note of a perfume, leaving a real scent mark on individuals.

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Our advice for choosing a perfume for men

Different scent families

Now that we've covered the stages of construction, let's take a look at the different scents that are divided into large families.

floral perfumes

Simply put, we have a family. flowerFloral notes such as jasmine or rose are related to ferns, emphasizing chypres, lavender or chamomile, evoking autumnal scents such as oakmoss or bergamot.

Discover floral perfumes

woody scents

Of course you probably know woodedIt is represented by sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, birch and styrax.

Discover woody scents.


Perfect for the summer season, we find the citrus family, which is related to the scents used in the top notes, such as lemon, verbena or grapefruit.

See citrus fruits


Recently, the oriental family with spicy, amber or vanilla notes has been on the rise.
Discover oriental perfumes

“Leather” perfumes

Finally, we see that the leather family gives way to dry leather, tobacco and even very special smoky notes.

cuir yuketen
The smell of leather!

One perfume, one season

After reading this last paragraph, you must have noticed that every family has different interests depending on the season. It's the same thing with clothing. As a matter of fact, we do not wear shorts in winter and coats in summer, and it is preferable to avoid heady and sweet perfumes in summer and light perfumes in winter.

winter perfume for men

How to wear good perfume?

That's it, have you set your eyes on the nectar of your choice? Now it would be appropriate to ask the question of knowing how to spray perfume on yourself. In fact, there are some techniques that can help scents last as long as possible.

The first mistake to avoid is applying perfume to your wrists.. The perfume is put together in a certain way and rubbing your wrists will prevent the sillage from developing properly.

Rado Captain Cook Automatic 2019 on Wrist
The wrist is for the watch, not for the perfume!

After this warning is made, two things must be fulfilled in order to smell good all day long. First of all it is convenient perfume well moisturized skin. Therefore, you can apply perfume immediately after applying your moisturizer. But it is important to check whether this is the case. odorless In order not to change the trace of your perfume.

men's facial cleanser

Then, to take advantage of a common scent, hot spots of perfumeIt is where blood circulation occurs. These are called “pulse points” and there are many of them. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply perfume to your wrists, behind the ears, in the folds of your elbows and even behind your knees.

After reading this article, you are now ready to go to your favorite perfumer and buy your new elixir and enchant your loved ones and passers-by.

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