How to easily transform your kitchen utensil drawer?

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I've been staring at the mess in our kitchenware drawer for over a month now and decided to give it a quick update. This is a very easy DIY project and it won't take you more than a few hours to make a custom DIY kitchen utensils drawer organizer. I promise!

Mine didn't turn out perfectly and there are many more step by step tutorials on how to do this, but I LOVE this transformation. It's so simple but so effective.

And it cost me about $15 in materials alone (this includes the crazy prices for wood we've had lately).

It also requires very limited tools; This is perfect for a beginner or someone without a professional workshop.

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So let's start from the beginning. What will you need to make this easy kitchen utensil drawer?


  • (2) – ½x3x48″ poplar boards (also called hobby boards if I'm not mistaken)
  • (1) – ½x2x48″ poplar board
  • wood glue
  • 1 ½” Screws
  • cutting board oil


how to Do it yourself kitchen utensils drawer organizer

Stage 1 –measurement cut your drawer and outer boards

The size of my drawer probably won't matter to you because that's the whole point of customizing your utensil drawer – it's different in every home. But for the sake of example, I will explain how I measured and what I did.

My drawer measures 13×19″. This means I cut two ½” boards at 13″ and two at 18″. (Since we will tie it to the short edges)

Cut poplar boards to your measurements

Since it's a very tight space, use this ruler trick; Place your ruler inside and use the measurements on the case of the ruler to determine the correct length, rather than folding the ruler all the way down.

Step 2 – Assemble borders (outer box)

I used glue and screws to assemble the outer box, but you can also use a nail gun or just a hammer and nails.

The main thing here is to ensure that the outer box is square. To achieve this, I clamped the long side to the short side in a square position.

Here is an example.

When you're done, be sure to dry-fit it to ensure a perfect fit inside the drawer.


Step 3 – Determine the placement of kitchen utensils for better organization

With the drawer inside, I played around with the placement of the utensils.

I won't lie; During this process, I realized that I didn't need most of them on a regular basis, such as an oven brush. I also discovered that I had 3 (!!!) ice cream scoops and didn't even use one. What is this about?

So I cleaned out the drawer, only keeping what we used all the time, and put the rest in a different “not-used-as-much” drawer.

This is a great step to determine the best placement of your kitchenware to maximize space. That's why this organizer is so great to DIY.

So do what works for you!

My name 4 – cut and assemble separatists.

DIY kitchen utensils drawer organizer

After deciding what would go, what would stay, and where it would stay, I took my narrower boards and cut them to length.

After this process is completed, it is time to assemble. I saw many different ways to do this but decided to take the easy way out and glue them together.

So I used wood glue, speed square and handcuffs to hold them all together and connect them that way.

Let it dry for at least 12 hours.

Step 5 – Complete the DIY wooden utensils drawer organizer as you wish.

At first I thought about painting them, but I had reservations.

First, it will basically be close to what I put in my mouth, and second, I'm not sure the paint can withstand the constant pounding.

Let's call it “wear and tear”, hahaha

I lightly sanded and applied this DIY wooden utensil drawer organizer with 220 grit paper. cutting board oil Leftovers from previous projects, like this gorgeous Anthropology-inspired charcuterie board I made a few years ago.

What are you thinking? Feeling inspired to tackle your messy utensil drawer?

Watch me do it This utensils organizer comes with spice organizer on my channel

If you choose to purchase, there are many options on Amazon. like this awesome oneBut will this give you the same satisfaction? 😉



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