How to increase battery life on PS5 controller

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PlayStation 5's DualSense controller is a feature-packed input device that can deliver some of the most immersive experiences in games – but it's not exactly known for its excellent battery life. Fortunately, there are a few ways to improve the battery life of your PS5 controller, and we'll explain what they are below.

Set controllers to power off automatically

Everyone needs a break from their gaming session sometimes. If you plan to be away from your console for a while, you don't want to leave the controller on for long periods of time, as this will unnecessarily drain your battery. Because, Go to the PS5's system settings and set the power saver option to automatically turn off your controllers.

Reduce light bar brightness

Every DualSense comes with a light bar around the touchpad that has a variety of features that let you know about certain things in the game. When you're logged into multiple profiles at once, this lightbar even displays specific colors to let you know which player is assigned to which controller. But that always-on light can consume a small amount of power over time, so you'll want to head into the PS5's controller settings and reduce the brightness to increase your battery life.

Turn off the controller speaker

DualSense offers some unique in-game feedback options via a small microphone on the front of the controller. While this may make you feel better in certain games (it can even act as a microphone if you don't have a headset), it may have a small impact on your battery life. If you are not actively using this rather niche feature, Go to the controller settings and turn the volume all the way down to get a little more playtime.

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Reduce vibration intensity

There's no denying that the DualSense provides some of the coolest haptic feedback we've ever seen, beautifully matching the feel in your hands to the events happening on the screen. But all that vibration consumes more power than you might think. You can reduce this intensity in the controller settings or turn it off completely if you want.

Turn off adaptive triggers

Like haptic feedback, the DualSense's adaptive triggers are a unique and interesting addition to gaming on the PS5; It provides tension to your triggers for immersive experiences like firing weapons or pulling large objects in-game. But unsurprisingly, this can also have a slight impact on your battery life; so if you're not really interested in this feature, Jump into controller settings and turn it off.

Use wireless headphones

While the DualSense has the option to use wired headphones, anything plugged into that headphone jack draws power. If possible, use a wireless headset instead to stop the small but noticeable power drain from your controller.

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