How to make a DIY round kitchen table today

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Since moving to a new house, I've had a lot of projects to take care of. One of them was buying a round dining table to replace a friend's temporary monstrosity. I'm obsessed with the look of this modern round kitchen table, but not so obsessed with its price. So I decided to make an easy round kitchen table myself.

This is my inspiration.

There are many options on how to do it. what did i like Lone Fox did this in the corner of his kitchen and said he used 1 ½” dowels to create the base. However, I had a few reservations about this structure; First of all, it doesn't look structurally correct. Secondly, I had difficulty finding dowels.

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I know, who would have thought that dowels would become such a commercial item? I loved how it was. Bourbon Moss made the table. It's structurally correct and looks very neat and gorgeous. However! I also had trouble finding a half dowel and couldn't figure out how to cut it in half lengthwise.

So I found a solution that suits my eye and the materials available. survey wrapping Instead of dowels to create this easy round kitchen table.

So can I tell you? I'm in love! And it only cost me $100.

It was a very easy production. I was done in less than 2 hours. It was seamless and looks amazing if you ask me!

I wanted to make a smaller table so I could put chairs on either side, but you can read about that later when I finish this kitchen corner makeover.



Instructions on how to make an easy round kitchen table

1. Create a base. Install the top lap

Creating a base for an easy DIY round table

To ensure that this round table is structurally sound, you must make a solid base. Maybe there are other ways to do this, but I figured if I made the base for drums out of plywood it would stand the test of time.

Pre-cut twelve 3×27” Strips on a table saw. (I asked the home improvement store to cut the plywood at exactly 27 inches and I just had to tear the strips on my table saw)

Take both 14-inch shells and draw 12 lines on both; This will make assembly easier later. I made them short but I recommend drawing them in both rounds.

Begin attaching the round piece to the strips using wood glue and a nail gun. It will be difficult the first few times, so if you have a pair of helping hands I would use them. Attach the second strip over the first to secure. But don't expect it to be independent just yet.

Proceed slowly, installing all 12 strips. I used three nails in each. Be sure to line these up with the marks you made on the round.

Note: Keep your fingers away when using a top nailer. It's an obvious thing to some, but I've had an accident with a nailer before, so I'm more careful now.

2. Building a base. bottom round

It will fill shakily before adding another round to the bottom, so don't get discouraged.

Turn your construction over and add another round 14 inches from the top. Make sure you align the previous marks. Also check the squares to make sure your strips lie flat.

Don't forget to use wood glue! Wood glue essentially holds it together. Brad nails are just there to secure it.

And the base is ready! We're moving on to the next step!


3. Adding wrapping pole

Use masking tray to prevent tearing

You can wait for the base to dry. But who has time for that? It was pretty stable so I decided to continue with my project thinking it would dry out later.

Measure the distance from bottom to top. If you do everything right it should be 29”.

Take the wrapping pole, mark where you need to cut, and cut with the miter saw. Use masking tape to prevent it from tearing. A 96×16” wrap survey will give you three pieces.

The last part will be slightly wider, but do not rush to cut it. Attach the two first, then measure exactly where you need to cut.

4. Attach a rolling bar to the base of this easy round kitchen table

Use plenty of wood glue when attaching survey packaging

Use a sufficient amount of glue and spread it around the edges of the strips and circles.

You'll need to use brad nails to hold it in place. I recommend adding it to the top and bottom. It can be filled with wood filler and then sanded. But these braided nails are too small. You can't even see them from afar. Or maybe I'm going blind hahaha

When installing the wrapping post, I recommend starting on one side and working your way to the other, rather than nailing the ends first. This will ensure that it doesn't “bubble” and that everything is aligned and secure.

Work your way around the base of the drum. When you reach the final piece of the wrapping pole, measure it and cut it to its width using a sharp knife.

5. Install the kitchen table

Fix the table top with adhesive

I just used wood glue to attach the top. You can use small hinges. Like thisbut for now I think wood glue will be enough.
If it doesn't work and my kids break it, I can always add those little parentheses; these will be so close to the base that they won't be visible much.

6. Add the bottom base

After finishing the table it didn't look complete without the base. So I have a 15 inch pine round to attach to the base.

7. Finish the way you want

Since the top and base are made of different materials (the top is pine and the base is red oak), I needed to find a way to match the top to the bottom. I tried painting the top with weathered oak but wasn't happy with the result, so I used a natural finish instead. I'm considering going dark in the future, but for now I think it looks nice.

You can take this project to a different dimension and make the top part of red oak, but since children will use this table every day, it would be better to make it from cheaper material and replace it later. We All seen on Instagram What happened to the dining table over the years? So no, no more expensive wood for my little kids.

I used water-based poly by Minwax in my project and I was very pleased with the result.

Watch the full video on how I made this round table on YouTube

What do you think of this easy kitchen dining table creation? I think it's very easy and quick to make, and it looks amazing! Now let's move on to the following projects for kitchen corner transformation!



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