How to make a stretcher for painting the easy way

I bought this gorgeous painting from another country with the beautiful original frame but had to leave the stretcher behind when I had to move it. It eventually came to light and I decided to reassemble it with the original frame. We will see in today's article How to make a stretcher for painting the easy way.

There are many ways to do this, and it's probably not “professionally” correct.

Most of the time I've seen the frame with squared corners where the wood is stapled together. I don't have a strong punch that can punch through wood, at least I've never tried it, so I decided to make a stretcher with the Kreg jig. After all, rectangles are rectangles and maybe there is a difference between them, but I don't know that.

If you know why most stretchers have miter corners, please let me know in the comments or email me.


  • (2) 1×2″x6' (will depend on the size of your table)
  • 1 ¼” pocket hole screws


How to make a stretcher for a picture

Stage 1. – measure and cut wood

Measure your paint and cut the wood to size.

Step 2. – drill pocket holes.

Read the instructions on the Kreg jig and drill pocket holes on all four sides. Use glue and secure with screws. Be sure to check if it is square. using handcuffs It helps for a significant period of time.

Stage 3. – to add for canvas the stretcher.

Using a stapler, attach the canvas to the wooden stretcher, making sure to add staples every 4 inches. You also need to tighten the painting on all sides so that it does not sag when hung.

It was easy!

Enjoy your beautiful work of art!


You can follow the renovation process on my Instagram account. @ifonlyapril to see behind the scenes.



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