How to make Anthropology's “Magical” dresser replica

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I'm working on Sasha's bedroom; A vital piece needs to be made to complete the flower bedroom. And it's a Anthropology Magical dresser I was deceived.

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We've all seen that closet! It looks very nice but the price is quite high. Today I'll show you how to do the same. Maybe a similar one on a budget will look just as nice as the original.


I'm almost done with the bedroom and this is the only piece that needs to be done.

Okay, so there are a few steps to flipping furniture, and many professionals do it for a living. I'm not one of them, so wherever my stuff is, don't judge too much; This is just me, being me.

I bought this dresser from FBMP for $50 and this is what it looked like before



Step 1 – preparation

The first thing we need to do is clean the closet. We need to clean it of debris, oil and everything else. I know the next step is to send it away. But since I'm a single mom of two, I can't put it away until a proper sanding session and my time is limited. I'll just clean it up and hope for the best. I sanded it very lightly and tried my luck.

Step 2 – painting

I used Dixie Belle's drop cloth colored chalk for the picture. I have used it before and loved its texture.

I took all the hardware and applied the first layer. I immediately regretted not preparing it first, but decided to trust the process and see how it went.

Please don't mind the layout of my bedroom; It was the only place available to do this. The first coat didn't look very good, but I trusted the process and kept going.

Step 3 – Make epoxy flowers for the Anthropologie Enchanted dresser

Making flowers from epoxy was an exciting and extremely therapeutic part of the process.

I used This epoxy from AmazonUnlike regular clear epoxy, it cures in 10 minutes. It changes colors from clear to white so you know it's done drying. But when they say you heal quickly, they mean it. It starts to cry when you pour it, so you have to work fast.

Here are a few tips I learned during the process of making flowers with epoxy:

1. Start working in small groups. I had three sheets of silicone mold and I overmixed the epoxy the first time, so when I poured it into the mold, there was residue that I couldn't use (as the epoxy dried out while curing in the molds). So try to mix it a little bit first, then mix it more.

2. Make sure you're working on a protective surface because there will likely be some dripping and you don't want to ruin the table.

3. Allow the epoxy flowers to dry completely before removing them.

4. Make different types of flowers so you can choose what to use next. Options, you know?

Anthropologie dupe dresser epoxy flowers

Other than that, have fun and enjoy the process.

I made three batches but that wasn't enough so I made two more large flowers.

Step 4 – Glue and finish flowers for this Anthropologie dupe dresser

It was such a fun process! I laid out the flowers first to see which design I liked better. Once I was happy with the design, I used E6000 glue to adhere the flowers to the cabinet.

Tip: If you want to cut the flowers between the drawers or bend the flowers at the corners, you should do this while the flowers are flexible and not fully hardened. After the resin hardened, I had difficulty cutting it.

Once the flowers were attached I applied a second coat of paint.

I got away with a 4oz jar of paint but it was stretching it. I wish I could add another layer.

To finish this dresser, I put a finishing cloth over it to protect it from damage.

anthropologie magical dresser dupe

I am absolutely in love with this Anthropologie dupe dresser. It's adorable and turned out even better than the Anthropologie dresser.

Now Sasha's room is almost complete and I can't wait to show you the final reveal.

You can watch a video tutorial on my YouTube channel and reels here. Instagram.

Tell me what you think!



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