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A few weeks ago I wrote this: How to build a playground from scratch for under $350. If you haven't read it yet, be sure to go there and see the entire process from start to finish. And today I'll show you how to paint an outdoor mural (in our case, a climbing wall).

You can also see the video of how I did it HERE.

Once the theater was ready I couldn't wait to “spice it up” as I said haha

After all, the whole point of this playhouse is that it's cool enough that my kids (ages 1.5 and 3.5) can play in there all day long!

The playground next to the slide has a few cool additions like a basketball hoop, climbing wall, moving board, ball-throwing board, and chalkboard.

But first let's turn our attention to this amazing mural on the climbing wall.

COST: $18 (6 color samples + My exterior paint is white so I didn't need to buy)

TIME: 3 hours

LEVEL: novice

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  • BEHR Exterior paint sample

Yellow – Flaming Bonfire

Green – Park Picnic

Pink – Prarie Rose

Blue – Dark Cobalt Blue

Red – Top Tomato

Purple – Just a Fairy Tail

How to paint a mural outside

The obvious choice for making a playground what stood out was painting it. Besides painting a ladder and rails, I wanted to create a cool mural to make the climbing wall look amazing! After searching Pinterest for inspiration, I found many colorful designs, but these He didn't talk to me. And then I found this photo:

After doing my research I discovered that it belongs to the super talented Racheal Jackson (her Instagram @banyanbridges). I stocked up on her Instagram and decided to create my own inspired by her beautiful, spectacular murals!

This is how this wall was born.

It was also inspired by Grimm's block pattern. I didn't have an outline. I knew I wanted the colors to tell a story, “flowing into each other and shadows softly transforming.” I didn't know how it would turn out and I just went with the flow.

Anyway, in the end I wasn't disappointed.

Things to consider:

  1. First, I calculated the equal squares and drew their outline.

Each square is 7 inches. I started from the size of the boards (the 2x4s are actually 1.5×3.5, adding 2 of them makes a 7 inch Square).

I drew and sketched these in pencil and tried to trace on paper where I wanted the lines to be.

2. When the rows were divided, I chose the vertical row in the middle and 2 from the sides. I placed the frog tape in there and it was ready to be painted.

I started with a light color and blended it. All the colors you see are derivatives of 6 colors and white.

If the color is repeated on another side, I would do this at the same time to maintain consistency of the shade.

3. I used the angled brush to paint the squares. I only had one brush and I had to wash it, which isn't ideal, so I recommend buying a few for different colors. I didn't tape between the horizontal rows and just went with a brush, trying to be careful. It worked most of the time, but there was a spot or two that smeared, but they can all be fixed if you notice and wipe quickly.

4. I have examined all the colors and can only give approximate formulas.

ROW 3 (from top):

  • White+some green
  • Same mix + more green
  • The original green I have
  • Green + blue + white mix
  • Green + yellow
  • The original pink I have
  • Original yellow.


  • White + yellow line
  • Same mixture from above + more yellow
  • Yellow
  • White + red + yellow line
  • Add more red to the previous mixture
  • Red
  • Red + blue (this color was a bit of a surprise and I went with it 😁)


  • white+blue
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • blue+white
  • purple + white
  • Add more white to the previous mixture.

You can remove the tape when you're done with the middle row and the other 2 people. I find it's easier to do a better job if you remove the tape while it's still a little wet.

You need to wait for the paint to dry. I was a little impatient and tried to tape it while it was still wet – big mistake, let it dry before taping. Once it dries, which should be relatively quick since you're painting outdoors, you'll need to tape off the remaining vertical rows. Start painting again with a lighter color and move towards darker ones.

I painted the stairs and railings in rainbow colors.

This is how we paint the wall mural outside.

climbing wall

There are plenty of rock climbing options in the Amazon. I found these a bit expensive. I tried to find used ones but had no luck. So I understand This set from AmazonThe price also seems appropriate.

Some people left a review saying you need to replace the hardware, but our climbing wall is 1.5 inches thick so it fits perfectly.

My husband set this up with a customized route. He has climbed before and knows how to make the route challenging but exciting.

What can I say? It's been a very fun addition so far! Sasha loves it! My husband is also so happy they were able to bond over the climbing experience.

We were a little taken back when we looked at the structure at first, but I was worried about how tall it was and how someone might accidentally fall through the opening at the top.

After some consideration we decided to purchase a crash pad and I chose this. And let me tell you! This is just perfect! Thick and wide enough to cushion a fall in the worst case scenario.

We are considering having another one done to be 100% sure of the safety of the operation.

There are also options to put squares of the ground underneath, but this is for a more permanent solution and we don't want to ruin the grass at the place we rent. If this were our permanent living place, I would probably install the appropriate flooring for this play area. I have to admit, it's a bit of a pain to take the pad inside when it's raining.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to paint an outdoor mural.

IIf you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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