How to update your small pantry for less than $70

I know! You're probably wondering how to get any makeup done for less than $70? Let me tell you a secret; Paint and think outside the box a little. This budget-friendly pantry makeover was long overdue. Yes, we all remember the “before” images 😁 not pretty.

Very sad “before”

When I first started designing the Moodboard for this closet, I had to use Magnolia's beautiful wallpaper but had a hard time deciding which one to choose. Both are so gorgeous and would be great for this pantry.

I talked to my landlord and although he said he liked both options, he leaned towards Willow

Arrow!!! We have a winner! Green willow it is!


Step 1. Cleaning

I started by cleaning everything first. Oh boy, I found a lot of unpleasant things there! 😁 I then put everything in laundry baskets to make organizing easier.

When I finished clearing the area, I wiped down the entire closet with a wet cloth, paying particular attention to the wall behind where I would apply the wallpaper.

Step 2. Remove the shelves

I removed one of the shelf supports because it was broken. I had the idea to add an extra shelf. But when I tried it it seemed a bit too cramped, so I thought it would be better to leave it as is and added new brackets to replace the old brackets.

Step 3. Wallpaper

Cover the back wall with wallpaper. Okay, this was my first time adding wallpaper since I was a kid, so give me a break. 😁

I was following Madison's instructions and advice. @blushingbungalow gave it to me – always make sure to draw a straight line on the wall next to the wallpaper!

This was an invaluable tip that helped me fix the wallpaper. It hasn't been that quick since I discovered the walls aren't even inside this closet. Haha, did they ever get even?

If you want more tips on how to install wallpaper, check out This blog post by Madison.

One way or another I put the wallpaper. I mixed it a few times. For example, I completely forgot that I had to match the pattern and didn't before cutting the second page. Mistake! The good thing is it's a closet! And the pattern of this wallpaper is forgiving! But that's a good lesson for next time😁

Step 4. Painting the sides

Once I finished the wallpaper, I chose to paint the edges of the cabinet with this beautiful color from Behr. I only used one brush and one sample as there was more than enough for both sides. I probably finished half the sample box.

Step 5. Making the shelves

I wrote a very detailed blog on how to make faux floating shelves. So I won't repeat myself, you can find it on my blog 🙂

Step 6. Add package lights

These disc lights They are so much fun! I added one to each shelf and now I can light up those dark corners and see what's in front of me hahaha


small pantry renovation
What happens next is beautiful!

You can visit this blog for more post photos! Pretty exciting! Are you inspired to revamp your pantry?



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