Is it a good idea to import your dream car?

Importing a car to France can seem like a real obstacle course when you don't know much about it. Fortunately, today there are professionals to support you throughout the buying process.

First of all, we recommend that you import your dream car from a European country for approval issues. Moreover, Germany is the country where we find the best deals, with vehicles usually 15% cheaper than in France. So is importing cars such a good idea? Follow our guide to discover the pros and cons of this app.

Importing a car: what procedure?

Iimport of high-end vehicles It's a process no more complicated than a purchase in France, as long as you surround yourself with the right professionals. At Premium Auto Conseil, we believe that a few steps are necessary to make your purchase go smoothly.

Step 1: preparations and research

  • Preparations : Being ready to buy is the beginning of preparations. The import market changes every day and if you don't decide quickly, many offers will pass you by. Therefore, prepare a list of the models and options you want for your vehicle in advance. But be careful not to overdo it! This isn't a new vehicle you're buying and you could be waiting months if you don't reduce your requirements.
  • Research : To do this, go to the website, where cars from all over the world are listed. You will already have a clear idea of ​​the market and will therefore be able to adapt your needs to the offer. For this step, feel free to contact a professional who will have access to a catalog of tools not typically available online.

Step 2: verifications

  • Check vehicle : Have you ever fallen in love with a car? Now comes the most important but also the most boring step of the process. You will need to ask sellers for a list of documents and check them one by one to ensure their compliance (service book, vehicle registration certificate, European certificate of conformity, technical inspection, current photos).
  • Check the vehicle's history and declared options : This step is also very important to save you from many problems. Ask the seller for the VIN code and check the Carfax and Carvertical history of the car. To check the options you will also need the VIN code and find the vehicle report on MecaVIN.
  • Check seller reviews : If the vehicle's verification and history are good, you are normally dealing with a reliable seller. However, this is not a guarantee of quality! So feel free to look at reviews of previous sales.
  • Check the vehicle's tax status : to VAT absolute It has already been settled by the previous owners. If you buy from individuals, there is no problem. For a company, ask the vendor and sue mention (or lack thereof) of VAT and European identification both in the sales contract, in the order form and in the invoice.

Step 3: reservation, purchase and collection

  • Book and pay for the vehicle : Everything is fine on both your end and the seller's side and you have truly fallen in love with it? Therefore, you are very close to buying your dream car. To do this, ask the seller for the purchase order, provide all the documents they request, and pay the booking fees while the money is transferred to your bank account.
    Once you have the necessary funds, pay for the vehicle in full and arrange pickup! Be sure to keep all important documents, such as payment receipt and final purchase invoice (in PDF format only).
  • Save the tool temporarily : After completing the purchase, you must register your vehicle. In less than 24 hours you will receive a temporary registration certificate and be able to have your license plates made, as well as insure the vehicle since the day he was kidnapped.
  • Lifting the vehicle : You will have the opportunity to choose between picking up the vehicle yourself or having it brought to your home by a transporter. The first solution is more economical, but the second eliminates most of the stress.

Pros and cons of importing a car

The advantages of importing a car will be mainly financial. In fact, you can treat yourself to the car of your dreams with prices that are 10 to 15% cheaper than in France (sometimes even more if you find that gem!).

However, importing requires much more time and requires real meticulousness in checking the vehicle you want to buy. In fact, as detailed above, you will have to go through several stages spread over several weeks (sometimes months, depending on your requirements) to find the car of your dreams. However, in the end, you will not regret spending so much time because you will have a vehicle that meets all your needs and requirements.

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