Joya soaps: shaving soaps and balms for men

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I was cleaning up my bathroom this morning and was shocked by the amount of plastic in the room. Cotton bag, a tube of toothpaste, deodorant, cosmetics and I'll save the rest for you. If we turn to natural, local products, what about packaging management in 2022? It seems possible today to find viable alternatives to plastic in the field of cosmetics. That's what he wanted to show Joya's soapsA young company based in Calvados.

A family and a handmade soap factory

Soaps and cosmetics are a family affair in the town of Douvres-la-Délivrande. In 2017, Maria and her brother Antonio began the project of a lifetime, opening a laboratory and point of sale to produce and distribute their 0-waste certified organic and natural products. While Maria handles the distribution part, Antonio is responsible for the production of cold soap, oil soaps, solid or dry shampoos, solid deodorants and other cosmetics for beard care. You should know that most of the products are vegan and almost all of the ingredients used are of natural origin or partially obtained from organic farming. Even its packaging is “EU” certified and fully compostable. How about trying some products now?


Among the products offered by Joya, we had the opportunity to try shaving soap and beard and mustache balm.

shaving soap

There is nothing like soap that thoroughly cleans your skin and beard before shaving and gets rid of all the dirt. That's when you can turn to Joya vegan soap, which contains cedar and vetiver essential oils. It is a 7% excessively oily soap obtained by cold saponification. This process consists of operating the oils at low temperatures so that they can retain all their properties. This is what provides protection and softness to your skin, even your sensitive ones. This soap is very well balanced. It gives a nice lather and is not too difficult to make like some very “dry” soaps. Its scent is sweet without disappearing. A good mix between cedar, vetiver and soap scent. The shave is pleasant and the lubrication is good. This is an excellent soap that will definitely last for several months. Travelers will appreciate version in aluminum can.

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Beard and mustache balm

beard balm joya soap

Like our skin, our beards also need daily care and nutrition. We recommend using beard balm to do this. Joya's 100% natural version is perfect in every way. It is made of argan oil and shea butter, enriched with cedar and peppermint essential oils. Thanks to the versatile benefits of the balm, hair becomes flexible, protected, shiny, moisturized and regrowth is accelerated. Essential oils provide a pleasant touch of freshness. I grew some beard for a few days to test and appreciate this product, but I think real bearded people can definitely use this product 100%. Its scent is pleasant and not too strong, like in soap. The product is rich and nutritious without being too “oily”. This balm applies well and above all it is easy to carry in its screw-top aluminum case.

See the balm

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