Make a simple spice drawer organizer for less than $5

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Lately I've been trying to organize our kitchen in our new house. We have a lot of spices and my soul was dying to get them in order. So I decided to make a simple spice organizer in the drawer. The best part about this is that it cost me less than $5.

Let's see, you can make it at home too!

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I used to have another organizer and it worked fine, but for this kitchen it makes more sense to keep spices in drawers rather than cabinets. You can do find it here.



Step 1 – measure the drawers

Measure the width of your drawer.

My measurement probably won't matter since all drawers are different. But I'll throw it out there right away – my drawer is 7″, which makes it perfect for fitting four spice jars in a row.

I believe spice jars are standard and have a height of 4″.

These are minebut there is Many different on Amazon.

Step 2 – cut plywood

After measuring the width of the drawers and jars, I cut the plywood into a 7×4 ½” rectangle. I added ½” to the height of the jars.

I also cut 7×1 ½” strips for height using my table saw.

½” plywood with 1 ½” strip creates a beautiful display of spice jars.


DIY spice organizer

Step 3 – glue the strips to the front panels

This step can be done in different ways. I decided to use wood glue to glue both boards together. This is not a construction structure and you do not need to add screws or grub nails.

I clamped them together and waited for them to dry.

DIY spice organizer in the drawer

And that's it! Now let's get to the fun part; Place all your spices in jars and put cute labels on them.

The set I received came with cute labels that I was more than happy to put on the jars. It took a little time to put these together, but the result was worth it!

I absolutely love how it turned out!

Now my spices are in order and it makes me so happy! Between this and the DIY kitchenware drawer dividers, I'm not sure which one is my favorite.

What's your favorite kitchen organization tip?

DIY spice organizer in drawer

You can watch how I made this simple spice organizer with utensil divider. My YouTube channel is here.

I think I'll go cook something now ;D



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