Metal Slug Attack Reloaded is a retro surprise worth playing

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The latest Nintendo Direct didn't have many surprise releases, but one game that came out right after the presentation caught my attention. Metal Slug Attack Reloaded It recontextualizes the classic side-scrolling shooter series from SNK with gameplay more reminiscent of tower defense autobattle games. Its roots go back to the mobile game released in 2016 Metal Slug Attack; Although this description may make you want to leave the page, you shouldn't because this game is surprisingly fun. Metal Slug Attack Reloaded is a textbook example of how you can take the core ideas and aesthetics of a classic, reinterpret it with a new style of gameplay, and still remain true to the series overall.

Metal Slug games are typically side-scrolling games in which players control soldiers moving through stages with a variety of weapons such as bombs. It's explosive, pretty fast-paced, and still pretty entertaining today. I still have the Xbox 360 re-release Metal Slug 3 I downloaded it to my Xbox Series X and fire it up whenever I feel like it. In comparison, Metal Slug Attack Reloaded It is a slower paced game that is played quite differently. The basic idea of ​​each level is that players want to protect their own base while destroying their opponents' base. These bases are both attacked and defended by Units, whose decks players customize to determine what they will have before battle.


Once players have accumulated enough AP to create a unit, they can press a button to summon one, which will advance from one player's base to another, attacking any units they encounter along the way. At every level Metal Slug Attack Reloaded It follows this basic gameplay loop, although each has its own spin on the types and frequency of enemy units encountered and the length between bases. The need for constant renewal of the AP system and units means: Metal Slug Attack Reloaded It's far from an idle game, even if its minimalist presentation, pixel art style, and fast-paced levels make it a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. Also, I needed to stay busy 'cause Metal Slug Attack Reloaded It gets quite difficult at times.

This difficulty stems from the appeal of the game. SNK wants players to build a deck of units and then tactically replace it with units better equipped to fight the threat they face. Sometimes just stocking up on AP to craft powerful tanks can be enough to win a match; other times, in order to be successful, I had to face a deck specifically designed to combat flying units. As someone who doesn't play Metal Slug Attack When it was released for mobile, it took a lot of trial and error to figure out what the best strategy was for each level.

Gameplay of Metal Slug Attack Reloaded.

I think this kind of design is annoying in games, but I think it's appropriate for a Metal Slug branded game. It's a pleasure to watch a well-structured army quickly bombard and destroy an enemy base, so the trial and error required to get there is worth it. This is reminiscent of the difficulty of the original Metal Slug games; it becomes more engaging as players try levels over and over again and memorize enemy patterns and the best way to defeat them. Metal Slug Attack Reloaded It mirrors that feeling over the course of a much longer adventure, and there's a multitude of unit acquisition and progression systems that keep me in the game, and not a single microtransaction.

When series with established gameplay styles branch off into new genres, such as Metal Slug, this unfamiliarity can be disconcerting as a fan, but Metal Slug Attack Reloaded Fortunately, this stays true to the core elements that make the SNK series great. Hopefully turn based strategy game Metal Slug Tactics It will do the same when it launches this year. not allow Metal Slug Attack ReloadedIts roots as a mobile game or different gameplay style scares you; Take solace in how the Metal Slug series shows that it's not a one-trick pony.

Metal Slug Attack Reloaded is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch for $10.

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