Naughty Dog is working on multiple single-player games

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Naughty Dog head and What's left of us creator Neil Druckmann is back with news of what's coming to the studio, and it looks like there are multiple projects in the works.

One Interview with LA Times In an article published over the weekend, Druckmann said he doesn't expect Naughty Dog to remain The Last of Us studio “forever.” Instead, he talked about how the team was working on “multiple single-player projects.” The interview doesn't go into detail about whether these games are in development or just concepts.

The short film also explains how Druckmann came up with this idea. What's left of us I was in college and originally wanted this to be a comic book. He was able to work on his idea after going to former Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells and asking to be taken off the Jak and Daxter project.

While it's unclear what Naughty Dog's next announced project will be (it recently canceled The Last of Us online multiplayer after years of development), Druckmann has set a lot of expectations. A recent Sony interview in which he talked about the future of video game development at Naughty Dog was eventually retracted due to misquotes. He posted one of his unedited answers on X (formerly Twitter)reflects how excited he is for an upcoming studio game.

“So not only am I excited about this game we're making – and it's something really new for us – but I'm also excited to see how the world reacts to it,” he wrote. “Because What's left of usand the success of the show, people even outside of gaming are looking to us to see what we're streaming next. “I'm so excited to see the reaction to this thing, and I've said so much about it already.”

We also know that the studio is working on a “brand new single-player experience” as part of its project slate starting in May 2023. So whatever it is, you can be sure Naughty Dog is working on something.

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