New Horace Deodorant: the perfect natural alternative

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Horace brand launched its first men's deodorant consisting of 95% natural ingredients in 2018. Arnaud also gave his opinions about this product, which he found “effective and pleasant” after testing it every day. Four years later, Horace introduces a new version of his product. In return, I had the chance to test it every day. I'll tell you everything!

Horace: masculine cosmetics

Founded in 2016 by two friends, Marc Briant-Terlet and Kim Mazzilli, Horace is a French brand specializing in men's cosmetics. Its aim is to help men take care of themselves with natural products that are easy to use, healthy, affordable and produced in France. Only this ! Whether you need shower gel, beard oilrelated to tonic lotion or concealerHorace has a wide range of products that can be adapted to any situation.

I invite anyone interested in exploring Horace products and philosophy to visit their website: Those who prefer to go to stores can visit four stores in Paris, as well as stores in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon.

Now let's get started testing the brand new Horace deodorant.

A new formulation

What new features does this v2 deodorant bring compared to the first version tested in 2018? Firstly, the formulation has been modified and improved to provide better regulation of odor and perspiration. When we look at the list of ingredients that make up this deodorant, we discover:

  • 10th zinc ricinoleateIt is obtained from ricinoleic acid derived from castor oil and zinc oxide of mineral origin. Absorbs odors without inhibiting natural perspiration.
  • 3% kaolinWhite clay soothing and anti-inflammatory that traps moisture.
  • 5 of them diatomaceous earth powder obtained from the siliceous exoskeletons of marine microalgae (compared to the previous 1%), can absorb odors and retain moisture.

This new formulation provides a better defense against unpleasant odors and perspiration, as well as a deodorant that glides on more easily and offers better overall hydration than the older version, thanks to its improved texture.

It can be found on the Horace website.

Our opinion on this new version deodorant

Like most of you, no doubt, I've done a lot of testing over the years. deodorants Things that definitely don't suit me, that aren't natural or healthy. Some could not absorb odors effectively and cause itching and acne. Even the alum stone wasn't effective enough after a long day. I was so intrigued by the idea of ​​testing this Horace deodorant for a week without alcohol or aluminum salts.

clear horace deodorant

When the cap is removed, the deodorant instantly emits a fresh, amber and camphor scent. Notes of rosemary, sage and eucalyptus are replicated quite well thanks to the essential oils. The scent is neither too strong nor too faint. I appreciate this happy environment. After showering, I applied this deodorant 4 times as recommended by the brand. Indeed, the texture of the stick is quite dense, we do not find the same sliding feeling. roll-on deo But it's definitely not annoying. By the end of the day, there were no traces left on my t-shirts to report, white or black. This is a very good point.

Since I don't sweat that much, I've found that deodorants often let me down at the end of a fairly active or stressful day. After using Horace's deodorant for a week, I did not notice any unpleasant odor at the end of the day. It's quite striking. I think it deserves the name “12H”. I don't know about you, but I think I found my favorite deodorant.

there is so much to do

In addition to being vegan, the deodorant is suitable for all skin types and is delivered in a 100% recyclable cardboard box. The deodorant and its cap are made of polypropylene, a fully recyclable thermoplastic. One small thing to note was that the capacity increased from 75ml to 50ml and the price increased from €12 to €10. It's cheaper, takes up less space in your makeup bag, but will probably last a little less time.

You can find this deodorant on the Horace website.

Deo and discussion

If you, like us, are impressed by the deodorant designed by Horace, feel free to tell us what you think of this deodorant in the comments and on Instagram @verygoodlord.

See you soon.

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