NYT Mini Puzzle today: Saturday, June 22 puzzle answers

The mini opens in the NYT Games app on iOS.
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Love puzzles but don't have all day to sit with your daily paper and solve a full-size crossword? That's what Mini is for!

A mini version of the New York Times' famous crossword, Mini is a quick and easy way to test your crossword skills on a daily basis in much less time (the average crossword takes most players just over a minute to solve). Although a mini is smaller and simpler than a regular puzzle, it is not always easy. Getting stuck on a clue can be the difference between a personal best completion time and an embarrassing attempt to solve it.

Just like our Wordle tips and Link tips, if you're stuck and need some help, we're here to help with Mini today.

Below are the answers to today's NYT Mini puzzle.

NYT Mini Puzzle answered today

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  • Disorder similar to past tense verb – FLU
  • Leaking slowly – SEEPS
  • Cheese named after an English village – CHEDDAR
  • Disappointing fireworks – DUD
  • “Abbott Primary School” Principal – AVA
  • Cheese named after an English village – STILTON
  • Malicious, mocking smile – SNEER
  • God – GOS


  • “no animals” (zoo sign) – FEEDING
  • Took responsibility for LED
  • All caught up on the latest developments – UPDATED
  • Closes – CLOSES
  • Enjoy it to the last drop – RECOMMEND
  • Maybe a music store section – CDS
  • He took responsibility – RAN
  • Someone born in late July, astrological – LEO

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