One-piece collared shirts: the ultimate guide

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Also called ” one piece collar shirt » This type in English petticoat is characterized by column unique from one piece fabric with the front of the shirt. This creates a nice roll and fell from his collar unique.

THE one piece collared shirts It has many advantages. First of all they column It creates an elegant curve and holds perfectly without sagging. THE style The casual elegance of these shirts makes them comfortable to wear. to connect For a modern look. THE comfort It is also available thanks to the fact that there is no seam on the neck.

Why are one-piece collared shirts rare?

Despite all these advantages, it is true. one piece collared shirts They remain quite rare and secret pieces. The main reason for this is the difficulty confectionery why what kind column. Actually, column and the front part is cut off one piece of fabricThis requires great precision and a high level of technical knowledge. blouse. That's why these shirts are usually the exclusive of high-end brands. creators custom shirts like Marol, G.English or finamore. The most famous and special one for me is 100 Hands.

Gradually, other brands began to offer their own versions. one piece collar. We can give the house as an example neapolitan G.English shirt It is the concentration of craftsmanship knowledge. THE Norwegian Berg & Berg has made the one-piece collar one of its specialties. Eidos Naples With the famous “Lupo” shirts designed by the talented Antonio Ciongoli.

The resulting high price (mostly over 200 euros) is a deterrent for many men. Some more accessible blouses based in Singapore, such as Yeossal or Collaro offer one piece collared shirts But they are often produced in remote countries, requiring customs fees and a significant carbon footprint (a petticoat Made in Singapore with European fabric).

Another common problem of this type is shirt : THE columns Sometimes they are too high and imposing, making them difficult to wear on a daily basis, especially for those with thin or short necks. tension material can also buttoning up related to column delicate.

For this reason, in 2022, we introduced you to the cut-collar version of the one-piece collared shirt with Cotton Society. It had a lower neckline and was much easier to put on.

But don't panic, there are tips to choose the right one. one piece collared shirt and turn it into a style ally of great size. In this article you will see all our advice for finding the ideal shirt. column very special. Plus discover the many ways to wear it stylishly.

The history and origins of one-piece collared shirts

Popularized by Gary Cooper in the 40s/50s

If one piece collared shirts Pay attention, know that you are following in the footsteps of a legend: Gary Cooper. The famous American actor indeed contributed greatly to the popularization of such films. column His easygoing elegance and cool gentlemanly appearance were imitated in the 40s and 50s. We often call this column “Cooper collar”.

Made from high-end Italian blouses

At that time, Gary Cooper prepared his materials blouses very high class Italians love it MarolIts offer still starts at €300 today. making a italian cabbage One one piece It was reserved for the elite due to its great complexity. But the result was worth it collar roll beautiful and one to fall flawless.

Shirts with discreet one-piece collars in France

in france, one piece collar remains secret. where they are located Howards Between €169 and €189. Made-to-measure blouses Courtot, Swann and Oscar or Measurement Workshop sometimes such offers column, called “Col Danton”, but again at considerably higher prices. As for the big houses, He would fix it had released a limited series with italian cabbage a piece but no longer available.

Howards on the left (€169), Courtot on the right (from €300)

In short, you will understand, give it a try one piece collared shirt It's usually an obstacle course, which is ideal without breaking the bank. But believe us, once you find that rare gem, you won't be able to do without it! Here are all our tips for making the right choice.

Structure and features of one-piece collared shirts

feature one piece collared shirtsof course their construction column. for a while petticoat classical, column cut separately and sewn to the body petticoatat work column and the collar stand (the base of the collar) is made of one piece material. Therefore no personalized design prominent among column And petticoat.

This one-piece construction provides many advantages. First of all, the absence of seams collar roll much softer and more harmonious. THE material Since it is not interrupted, it can recover naturally. It is this famous roll that gives these shirts their character.

to fall related to column has also been greatly improved. No longer “attached” to anything personalized design, column always has something so beautiful fluffy to fall, straight without sagging. Enough to bring a touch of elegance petticoat Even very simple.

Finally its absence personalized design and neck reinforcements column Very pleasant to use: less irritation and friction.

Problems with one-piece collared shirts

If one piece collared shirts It has many advantages, but also some minor flaws that you should be aware of before giving up. The first hurdle is usually price. Models of Italian brands above the line like Marol or G.English You can easily exceed €200 or even €300. Even if it has quality, it is a thought-provoking investment.

Of course there are more accessible alternatives yeossal or Collaro but these brands Singapore delivery from abroad. For this reason, customs fees that inflate the invoice need to be planned. Ecologically speaking, buy one petticoat Traveling thousands of kilometers is also not ideal.

Another recurring problem: columns too high and too wide. A lot one piece collared shirts really screen columns XXL doesn't necessarily flatter all body types. If you have a fairly short or thin neck, you run the risk of getting stuck with this type of neck. italian cabbage disproportionate. It is better to choose one column It has more reasonable dimensions that will not “eat” your face.

Also these columns large ones are prone to bouncing or even coming completely open under a jacket. The ends have trouble staying in place and stick out unsightly. To avoid such unpleasant surprises one piece collared shirts shorter tips and a buttoning up top that will protect the line under your jacket.

How to choose a one-piece collared shirt?

Collar issue: height and buttons

to find one piece collared shirt Ideally, a few simple rules should be followed. The first thing to look at is, collar height. As we see, many models have features. columns too high, even disproportionate, which is not suitable for every profile. So pay attention to the collar stand (the base of the collar): But you can have fun with the length of the tip.

For example, we chose a very low neckline for our 2022 collaboration:

A good alternative to keep a shirt in character to a minimum would be a collar stand, not necessarily too high, but with longer ends:

Choosing between high button or open collar for a tie: the question of construction

Another important selection criterion: buttoning up related to column. If you plan to move mainly your belongings one piece collared shirt Together to connectSelect a model with buttoning up high, ideally just below the ends column. This will allow you to maintain your status. column once in place to connect knotted.

The biggest problem with the one-piece collar is that it is rare to find one that is suitable for all uses: both without and with a tie.
In fact, the fold of most of these collars remains quite visible when the tie is worn. Personally, I really like this effect, but some of you (and your superiors) may find it a bit too sloppy:

Par Maslowso

The ideal one-piece collar

Ideally, you would have a shirt without a tie, that fits well and has a roll marking:

But who knows how to be more cautious when wearing a tie:

Or it can even be worn as a classic shirt if desired.

We designed this shirt with the Couturier Parisien brand and it will be available in the coming days.

A story of construction and ironing

When we examine most shirts with one-piece collars, we find this: a single layer of ironing that fills both the collar stand and the ends. Here are three examples:

The roll is therefore necessarily very noticeable and when worn without a jacket you usually have to button up the collar to prevent too much bleeding from the sides.

With the Couturier Parisien brand, we specifically thought about this problem and developed ironing in several layers: one for the part that should be the collar stand, and the other for the ends.

This ironing allows you to use two different ports depending on how you will iron your collar:
If you iron your collar flat, the classic roller

This is what it looks like when worn alone:

And under a jacket:

One-piece collared shirts: the ultimate guide

If you iron your folded shirt, you will notice noticeable wrinkles.

This is what it looks like when worn alone:

And under a jacket:

With the tie, it practically resembles a regular collar (and can therefore be easily worn at work), in addition to the comfort inherent in one-piece collars:


If you've read this far and followed our somewhat crazy reviews, congratulations!

We will understand one piece collared shirt An extraordinary piece that truly deserves our attention. Thanks to him column One one piece of fabricIt offers a unique style that is both stylish and comfortable. Flexible and harmonious rolling column It gives it a natural, effortless elegance.

Normally one piece collared shirts They are highly confidential items and may not be pleasant to view in a work environment.
However, with the Couturier Parisien blouse, we thought of a very beautiful French collar, as well as a completely new type of collar, the uniqueness of which is hidden in the three-piece interlining. This new shirt model will be available tomorrow (Friday, April 19) with an introductory price of € 89 until the evening of Tuesday, April 23.
In this process, With every two shirt orders you will also receive a €30 voucher for our vintage ties.


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