Our summer pre-orders: Di Sondrio linen gurkha and Reda linen and wool coat (and our new returns policy)

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Disclaimer: If you want to access our new pre-orders, You can click here.

Before introducing this new drop, I would like to apologize for the increasingly rare content. We've actually spent a lot of time on our MTO platform (almost ready!) lately.

Last year we offered Our first clothing pre-orders: Many of you really appreciated our Gurkha trousers (not so easy to find at a good price in France) and our Florentine notch jackets with beautiful turn-up cuffs.

In this new season, we want to offer a much more summery version of these pieces, in beautiful materials (especially linen and cotton/linen blends).

J.I just want to draw your attention to one thing: These are pre-orders with the highest quality material we have ever offered.. We negotiated a good discount with the workshop, provided that a good order is placed at the beginning of April. Normally an additional 10 to 15% per piece would be required.

To give you an idea, Reda linen and wool fabric is even offered in a jacket that retails for $2,200 on the US State of Style website (and be careful, we're not talking about a custom-made jacket):

We've had to change our returns policy slightly to keep these prices low, which I'll let you discover below.

Our new returns policy to keep prices as low as possible

Since we started selling clothes to you on the blog, We strive to offer you the lowest prices possible by identifying where unnecessary costs lie.

We did it first By stopping collaborations with brands that do not have their own production structureTo eliminate intermediaries as much as possible.

Going further and continuing to offer low prices while remaining sustainable (i.e. without going bankrupt), We also had to consider the refund system that currently exists.

Free returns system in traditional trade

Returns offered in traditional e-commerce stores are never actually free: it is included in the margin applied by the brand and therefore increases the selling price accordingly for everyone (so even if you do not return anything, you pay a little for the return).

We wanted to take the opposite approach to this approach and Invest in products as much as possible, so it's in the quality of the fabric and tailoring rather than such support services that not all of you use.

For this reason, Refunds will now be paid by default and will be paid free of charge under certain conditions (with really minimal effort on your part).

Returns: free under conditions (does not apply to shirts)

I won't hide it from you, returns are a real headache for a small structure like us.

To keep prices as low as possible, returns will now be charged by default.

But rest assured, you can still do it Enjoy free returns if one of these two conditions is met:

What if another customer needs your size and you ship the garment directly to them as soon as you receive it? (your money will be refunded when the next customer confirms receipt of the package). Of course, I will give you the shipping receipt and the shipping will be insured.

– if this is not the case, I request that you keep the package for 7 days while I try to resell your product. (With some spamming on Instagram, Facebook, and the newsletter). If you do not arrive within 7 days, you will benefit from free return to our facility.

This process has already been successfully tested with many of you. You are a caring community that values ​​beautiful clothes, so I'm sure this can be brought into the mainstream.

It's a win-win for everyone: lower prices and faster exchanges for you, simplified returns management for us and the avoidance of unnecessary trips for the sake of the environment. The only losers will be the carriers and my logistician!

Classic paid returns

If you still prefer to return your folded clothes immediately, we offer you a traditional paid return option. The amount of the refund voucher will only be deducted from your refund.

Sondrio's Gurkhas

Gurkha is undoubtedly your favorite pair of trousers. After last year's practical khaki cotton version, this year I wanted this: more texture and better coverage. Denim would be appropriate but not very comfortable, rarely lightweight and summery, and expensive for a good model.

Finally A 300 gram line from the Italian Sondrio spinning mill ticked all the boxes: Textured effect like washed denim, beautiful drape, linen freshness for summer. I call it Gurkha Americana, given its denim look, but I doubt cowboys wear them!

I would like to underline that we offer you the lowest possible price thanks to the campaign we agreed with our workshop when ordering at the beginning of April. Normally we wouldn't be able to launch this Gurkha for less than €250.


double banding Traditional of the Gurkhas for an adaptable size. Be careful, this double strap is no trivial thing: it is particularly difficult to make, which significantly increases the selling price.

Please note: most gurkhas on the market only have a simple cover: so their prices are in no way comparable (and you won't have the convenience of twice that adaptable size).

double inset clamps For a classic look that emphasizes the pelvis and slims the thighs. Clean sheet cover strengthens them.

Hidden coin pocket instead of a flap pocket which would overload the piece.

Back pockets with buttoned flapsa nod to military heritage.

Selected fabric: textured indigo linen 300g Tessuti di Sondrio

Tessuti Di Sondrio is a secret cotton and linen mill founded in 1895. Its mottled appearance with blue varieties, a beautiful cover and a weight of 300 grams provide perfect balance. Thanks to the straight cut.

Darts and pleats stand out beautifully in this clean flowing fabric:

Fit and size chart

Our workshop usually delivers Gurkhas with a wrist opening of 17.5 cm. Here in size 46 there will be more than 18.2 cm. A cut aimed at sartorial simplicity that seeks a clean fit with few creases. Ideal if you plan to wear it with a pronounced pleat for formal wear.

The fabric reserve inside will allow you to enlarge it when necessary. The sock will be delivered unfinished to be adjusted to your length.

Here is the size chart. Get the same Gurkha Heritage as last year, or if you bought the 2021 flannel model, check out the FR sizes.

Sprezzatura / City Workwear

I offer you two inspirations for wearing this:

  • For a classic outfit embellished with gurkha and intermittent stripes, wear a Reda wool/linen jacket and a cropped-collar poplin shirt (swap for seersucker in summer). Commando-soled tassel loafers complete the look.
  • For a chic urban workwear style, the one-piece collared Oxford shirt dares to use alternative materials: linen instead of denim, oxford instead of chambray.

II Destroyed in a Faenza coat of Reda linen and wool with a Florentine notch

Considering the success of our Florentine notch jacket in 2023, I present it to you in its summeriest version:

  • A fresh, breathable and textured fabric: 57% linen 43% wool 255g/m from Reda
  • Ultra-light structure: deconstructed shoulder, American face (fabric front lining)

This Florentine notch/fabric/construction combination, A lightweight jacket with a nice collar roll and good grip.

Its brick pink color, reminiscent of Florence, earned it the name Via Faenza, the street leading to Pitti Uomo.

Outside Pitti Uomo, via Faenza Street during off-peak periods.

Last point : We offer you the lowest possible price Thanks to the material promotion when ordering in early April. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to go below €380.


Unstructured natural shoulder no structure, just a light canvas. It has a beautifully gathered shoulder that is inconspicuous due to the texture of the fabric.

florentine sand It can be recognized by its scoop neck/lap seam. It allows you to have a wider backhand with a lower notch, making it easier to roll. A model neglected by many French tailors.


  • Beautiful curved Italian patch pockets
  • Practical ticket pocket in right pocket

unstructured towards America

We wanted the lightest jacket possible and that's why we chose it. a completely unstructured jacket (there is only a very light mesh that extends from the top of the shoulder to the chest.

Despite this lack of structure, we opted for a face facing America to provide a nice cover: In other words, the front part of the jacket is lined with its own fabric. This allows for much better structure and contributes to a more beautiful backhand.

Material: 57% linen 43% wool blend Reda 255g/m2

Founded in 1865, Reda is a beautiful vertical Italian spinning mill that offers fabrics that stand out in my opinion for their texture and patterns.

We needed a fabric that was fresh, breathable and had minimal grip, well-suited to deconstructed garments. That's exactly what this 57% wool and 43% linen blend of 255 g/m2 delivers.

I especially like the distinct texture and how it highlights the curve of the jacket despite being unstructured.

size chart

There is nothing special to say about the cut: I increased the jacket length by only 1 cm compared to the model I was wearing. It's a little more snug than the previous model due to the material being less stretchy: don't hesitate to go up one size if you're afraid it might be a little tight.

Recommendation. your style

I will not hide from you that at first the color frightened me a little: after all, it fits very well with an outfit with more plain colors, which will calm it down a little. The jacket's rather unusual turn-up collar fits in in any situation. It's a sharp, highly tailored look that suits the famous one-piece collars.

Here the indigo linen contrasts well with the gurkha jacket and also adds the right amount of texture.


Our pre-order available here You will be able to benefit from the early delivery advantage on your next 10 jacket and gurkha orders until the evening of April 7.


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