PlayStation VR2 is dead and Astro Bot killed it

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Team Asobi

PlayStation VR2 has been killed. Guilty: Astro Robot.

My favorite announcement from Sony's May 30 State of Play was this: Astro RobotA new 3D platformer from Team Asobi that celebrates PlayStation history. It looks incredibly attractive and stands out from typical narrative-action games. Star Sword Which Sony tends to release these days. However, my excitement also brings disappointment as it appears the game will not support PlayStation VR2. (Digital Trends reached out to Sony to confirm this was the case but did not receive a response at the time of this story's publication.)

This is a potential disappointment, because the games Astro Bot plays often showcase the power and beauty of PlayStation hardware. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is best known as one of the original PlayStation VR games. Astro's Playroom It's still my favorite PS5 game due to its creative use of the hardware. I was hoping the next Team Asobi game could do this for PSVR2, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It feels like the final nail in the coffin of Sony's VR headset.

PSVR2's persistent problem

The PSVR2 has some impressive specs for a VR headset, and I had a good time playing games like: Rez Infinite And Zombieland Headshot Fever Reloaded above. However, it is no secret that the headset did not live up to expectations and Sony failed to release games for it. Headset launched with impressive performance from Firesprite The Mountain's Horizon Callbut first-party support has been completely silent since then.

PlayStation VR2 sits on a table next to Sense controllers.
Giovanni Colantonio

Sony acknowledges the headset's presence at showcases, but all games shown are always multiplatform. I think Giant It was a great treat after seeing the trailer at the last State of Play, but when I looked into the game in more detail, I discovered that it would also be released in Meta Quest 3. I'll probably buy it there instead. Earlier this year I explained how I came to prefer Meta Quest 3 to PSVR2. This has continued to be the case since I haven't plugged in my PSVR2 headset since I wrote this article.

It's a shame because I've been waiting for Sony to give me a reason to plug it back in, but it's not happening. I'm not alone in this feeling. According to market research companies omdiaThe VR industry in general is suffering, and PSVR2 felt the impact particularly hard due to its lack of interesting content. After the announcement Astro RobotI no longer believe Sony can turn this situation around.

Astro Bot… on PS5

None of Sony's game studios appear to be VR focused anymore. PlayStation's London Studio has been turned into a live service game before it was shut down. Rumors suggest that Firesprite's next game will not be VR either. If Sony was going to give any developer the chance to make a PSVR2 exclusive game, I thought it would be Team Asobi. With rescue mission And Astro's PlayroomThe Japanese developer has proven itself as someone willing to explore the capabilities of hardware in game design.

In Astro Bot, a robot flies above its controller.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

PSVR2 desperately needs a game like this, and Team Asobi seemed perfect for the job. If Sony doesn't want to give it to them, I doubt they'll want to give it to any game studio. If Sony had a shot at PSVR2, it seemed like it would come from Team Asobi. In its place, Astro Robot It's the first game for PS5, rather than a showpiece for PSVR2. Even if Sony announced VR support for the game ahead of launch, the announcement suggests that anything that might come will be complementary.

I believe Asobi Team will do a great job Astro Robotbut its existence seems to confirm that Sony has abandoned first-party support for PSVR2. The only silver lining I still have is that PSVR2 gains PC compatibility. Sony has said it's looking into this issue, and recent leaks suggest it plans to do so release an adapter Making it work for PC VR. If that happens, at least I'll be able to use my PSVR2 to play games like: Half-Life: Alyx And bone work Via Steam – although technically I could already do this with my Meta Quest 3 if I wanted to.

If you're still on the fence about getting a PSVR2, don't. And if you're looking for a more specific reason not to do this, Astro Robot I gave you one.

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