Practical studio/office transformation with an affordable budget

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Like many of my projects, this office change was also delayed. I was dreaming of a bohemian/industrial paradise with a laid-back, creative vibe.

And I think I archived this!!! In today's blog, I'll share with you my creative process, links to all the resources I used, and shocking before/after photos.

Let's look at the before photos. You can see why when I say the renovation is long overdue🙈 There are a few reasons why my office/creative studio is constantly a mess.

After that

First, it is an inevitable part of the creative process (DIY friends, I hope you understand). Secondly, besides the garage, this is my only “kid-safe” area in the house 😁. So whenever I need to “rescue” something from the kids, I shuffle it into my office. I know, probably the defense is not enough, but I hope I can count on your understanding, my dear readers!

To help you better visualize the change, I tried to draw a plan showing how everything was positioned before the office renovation and what needed to be done afterwards.

My before and after plan

Solving problems

Aside from the obvious things like the clutter of the office, I needed a few changes to the space to better my creative process.

First one Better organization of craft supplies.

Second, a The perfect background for YouTube videos for my channel. I also knew I had to add fairy lights somewhere.

I have a lot of objects that I plan to repurpose, like vases, some large craft supplies, a sewing machine… I needed to get a shelf to keep it organized.

I decided to reuse the shelf in the children's playroom that I built a few years ago when I was just starting out in woodworking. It's the perfect Montessori display shelf for toys, but it now serves its purpose in my office; I display things that might attract my attention and decide to do it myself😁

office makeup
After that. Montessori shelf we use for children's toys

I put the shelf next to the window. I'm not too happy with how the room looks when you enter it, but this room needed functionality more than just being pleasing to the eye.

desk area

I moved my beautiful oak desk next to another window and feel like it serves a better purpose this way.

I built this desktop two years ago and it was my first project with hardwood (aka expensive wood). It has a lot of sentimental value for me.

It has an IKEA Alex drawer on one side and a sawhorse, also from IKEA, on the other. I upgraded this Alex drawer to match my gorgeous oak desktop by replacing the front of the drawers with real wood and I think it looks gorgeous!

Positioning the table this way allowed me to place a board on the left side; This is very useful as I can use it for my content calendar, office supplies, and organization.

I also made small shelves on top of the board. I ordered for this industrial look brackets I bought it from Amazon and cut a 1×8 inch board to size. I think it looks super cute but I also need more hanging plants.

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