Prepare well for your motorcycle journey

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Every year many people travel the roads on motorcycles to discover new landscapes and have an unforgettable experience. Learn how to properly prepare for your motorcycle trip.

Going on a journey requires organization. For your comfort and safety, you need to determine in advance a route plan that you will follow throughout your journey. While some detours are possible and allow you to change your itinerary depending on the weather or an event in the area that you don't want to miss, it's still good to know where you're going before you set off.

Maintaining your motorcycle is as important as planning. In fact, going on the road requires traveling hundreds of kilometers a day and your horse must be in perfect condition! We are never safe from a mechanical problem, but it is better to put all the luck on your side so that your trip goes perfectly!

Plan your route


Where are you leaving to go? This is your starting point for planning your trip. Let's say you are heading to Nantes and want to reach Nice, you have many options regarding the route taken. Prefer to follow the west coast to Spain and then head back to Perpignan, Montpellier and Nice? Or do you want to head to central France and explore the Creuse, Cantal, Aveyron or Ardèche regions?

Sit comfortably, pull out your good old map of France, grab a black pen and… Create your dream route.


Budget is extremely important on such trips. You should consider that you will have to spend money on hotels/guesthouses/campsites every day, but also on food and gas. On this last point, we undeniably cannot ignore the budget size, where prices are around €2/l (and even higher in some remote areas!).

No defined budget means no need to travel. So, gather your savings and budget for your trip before you leave. One envelope for accommodation, one envelope for meals and excursions, and finally one envelope for gas.

We recommend that you always have cash with you in addition to your bank card. Sometimes some small businesses don't have a credit card machine or it may be broken. It's always good to have some cash with you. Additionally, more and more shops and hotels are accepting payments with cryptocurrencies like the ones mentioned above. Kucoin reviews.

Prepare your motorcycle for departure

Now that you've determined your route and budget, it's time to take care of your motorcycle. In order to avoid any problems that may occur along the way, it is important to have your motorcycle fully serviced before you set off:

  • Oil and coolant levels;
  • Brakes and tires;
  • Chain tension.

These three checks should be done by a professional. You will be able to leave with peace of mind and complete security.

If you plan to ride your bike more than 1,000 miles, plan to stop by a mechanic to make sure the tires and chain are in good condition. Secondly, it may need some lubrication, especially after so many kilometers!

As for the luggage and essential accessories for a good road trip, we will tell you about it in the next point of this article.

Equipment and luggage: what to remember

Once you reach this stage in preparing your journey, it means you are not too far off the road anymore. The problem that may arise when hitting the road on a motorcycle for several days or weeks is the problem of luggage. Luckily, there are solutions you need to invest in today!

Top Case is this small box usually found on the back of motorcycles. Although it may not include everything you need for your trip, it is still very useful. In fact, you can use this to add a second helmet, a repair kit (basic tools, strap, anti-puncture kit, etc.).

Saddlebags are the most common and economical. They can be placed on either side of your motorcycle, allowing you to store your clothes and power tools. However, the suitcases we recommend for multi-day trips are side luggage. In fact, they are safer and can therefore be left on your motorcycle during your walking tours or stops at a restaurant.

Finally, as a cyclist you already need to be (well) equipped. However, depending on the season, some equipment will be more suitable. We especially think that jackets and summer trousers that will keep you from overheating while offering you optimum safety.

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